Hello Darlings, To celebrate summer, beautiful memories, and fabulous style Schick Quattro for Women is on search for the best style selfie! The winner will receive an amazing $5000 shopping spree. Now that’s making a style statement! For your chance to enter, please share your selfie on Instagram by tagging @QFWselfie and #QFWselfie or by uploading on facebook at this link. The contest ends July 22nd, so be sure to hurry. As for mastering the art  of selfie, keep reading because I’ve got all the tips for you.


Learning the skill of capturing a perfect selfie can propel you to digital stardom and that skill alone has become an “art form”. With the rise of Instagram stars all that it takes to capture attention of thousands is mastering that one skill. Selfies have not only come to define our generation of self expression but also means to gain recognition. Regardless of whether your ambition is to become the next digital star or to just capture your favorite moment, we’ve discovered the key factors in what makes a good selfie and amazing one. So the next time you capture a selfie pay attention to the following factors:

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Hello Darlings, “Why are you still single?” – after a year and a half of being happily single, I’ve grown to take that question with side of humor. From first dates, grand parents or even people you meet at dinner parties all have this need to figure out what may be your underlying issue as to why you’re still single. From a first impression she’s amazing and the chances are it is because she is, so the next phase of concern is trying to figure out what may possibly be wrong. Never having the need to answer that question but more often have found a million and one creative ways to dodge that bullet, I finally decided to give it some thought. So why am I still single?

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Let’s get some facts out of the way, I am turning 26 in few weeks. My best friend is getting married in August, my closest friends are all in long term relationships, my friends abroad all have kids. I am Ukrainian and therefore raised with a belief – which I do cherish – that family comes before anything. I am happy in with my career and independent. I have been single for over a year and a half. So those are the main facts which all point to a reality that I should be in  search for a prince charming!

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