Hello Darlings, With a special occasion, comes the preparation which is part of the journey. Attending a fashion week is a different kind of anticipation, it is preparing to weather the stress of a non stop schedule. While many of us can relate to the dilemma, fashion week is an overdrive experience. September marking the official launch of spring/summer 2015 worldwide fashion weeks. I’d like to share some of my hardest learned lessons after surviving a number of fashion weeks. Now having attended New York, Miami, Toronto and Montreal fashion weeks, I feel like I’ve learned some of the key lessons on how to handle high pressure circumstance while rocking 5 inch heels, battling frizz or frost bite and still enjoying the moment.


So while not all of us are prepping to attend a fashion week, the lessons learned are valuable to any part of our lives. After all I promise that fashion week is an affair that is glamorous on images but quite difficult and at times unpleasant in real life. Don’t believe the hype, fashion is not always fabulous but rather in fact anything but when experienced backstage. Like a lot of things in life more often it really isn’t what it seems to be.

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Hello Darlings,  As I browsed the new arrivals section at the Holt Renfrew I came across a beautiful dress that stood out within a rack of “cool and hip” clothing. The dress just didn’t seem to belong in the midst of T by Alexander Wang tees and Rag & Bone pullovers. From the delicate silk sleeves that highlighted shoulders and a simple linen A-line form of the dress; in my eyes it was perfection! The dress was designed by Paul & Joe Sister which is a diffusion line of the eponymous French label. I’ve always adored the quirky and cheeky designs of the brand.

Marta Tryshak at Soho Beach House for Tory Burch Resort 2015  Preview

As I came out of the change room, my mother loved the it. Since I was shopping for Miami Swim Week, she made one remark that sparkled an entire debate within me. She said, “Marta you know the dress is not sexy, it’s beautiful. Will you feel comfortable wearing it in Miami?”  At first I thought the remark to be entirely random but the more I thought about it, I realized that she had a preconceived notion of what “Miami look” is and demure was definitely not part of the look. She knows me but she also wanted to ensure that I would not feel out of place in a city that oozes sex appeal. Which got me thinking: is sexy a more important quality than beautiful to women today?

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