Hello Darlings, The denim love story is no unlike other. There isn’t single item in your wardrobe that requires as much thought and consideration as purchasing a pair of jeans. Every woman knows that finding that perfect fit is like falling in love. When all elements align, that’s when you find the perfect one. You may think I may be dramatic in saying so, but every woman can relate to the struggle of finding that perfect pant that just highlights the best of her figure.

Reitmans Denim Fit

This may be because a pair of jeans in our time has essentially become a substitute to a little black dress. So what does it take to find a pair that hugs your curves just right? Well, it all comes down to understanding the fit and your body shape.

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Hello Darlings, As we shed our parkas and boots, it’s time to get planning that spring wardrobe! For anyone who’s been battling with winter hibernation, this time of the year is as exciting as it gets. While I do enjoy fashions of all seasons, there’s only so many ways that a girl can rock a coat or a parka. As Friday marked the official first day of spring, I’m ready to shed the winter layers and embrace the glorious season of skirts and no pantyhose.

Transition into Spring

While the weather is still somewhat indecisive in its choice of sunshine or snow, this grey Wilfred coat from Aritzia has become the perfect transition item that is ideal over light layering pieces. In fact these images were shot for Fashion Magazines feature on coats as a statement piece. As we bid farewell to winter and the sun slowly decided to grace up with its presence that’s when I am obsessively looking to add new transition items that will work from colder to warmer weather.

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Hello Darlings, Break up and move on — easier said, than done! I mean really, how do you just let go of the past and look forward to the future with all the hope in the world? Let’s be frank, you can’t. Not until you’ve spent too much money on shoes, had a terrible hangover or two, taken a ridiculously expensive vacation and gained 5 pounds. The reality of breaking up is that there is no easy way and it will hurt and hurt brutally. However it is in those moments when the ice cream doesn’t even taste good anymore and that expensive pair of shoes is in fact kinda ugly, that you need to adjust your perspective. Break ups suck. You get hurt. You get over. End of the story. 

How to Break up & Move on

Couple of years ago on a spring afternoon, I packed my life as I knew it into two suitcases and left my Montreal home. It took one morning, one revelation and my entire life came crushing down. That’s the thing about people, the ones that are closest to you tend to hurt you most. Aside from a fact that we had a toxic relationship, it was also one where I was being constantly told that I am nothing without him. After I left,  I really did feel like nothing.

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