Hello Darlings, While not everyone is comfortable to openly discussing their in-between sheets details,  we can all admit that having a fulfilling love life is of great importance. Since the day of loving  also known as Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I decided to put my research skill to good use and find scientifically backed tips and tricks on how to keep your love life red hot. Basically, rules of seducion! After all, it has been proven that your between the sheets satisfaction directly impacts overall health. So what’s not to love about that? An orgasm and reduced blood pressure, it’s a win win for everyone!

Rules of Seduction

Like everything satisfactory in life, it all comes down to confidence. Confidence not only in yourself but your couple which is why understanding some of the basic differences between us and our men will hopefully add that extra spice to your love.

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Hello Darlings,  As tradition holds, Valentine’s Day is the moment for a man to show off his romantic skills and spoil his lady. Well, this year  it’s all about your man! When February 14th comes around, be the one to romance your man with a grande plan for the evening, not only will he be thankful but you’re also breaking the dated tradition. So put your best foot forward and show him how it’s done!

Romance Your Man

I spoke to relationship expert Jen Kirsch about creating the perfect evening and here are some of her recommendations on how to charm his socks off. If you’re not comfortable with the idea, she also has tips on how to ensure that Valentine’s Day is great experience for both of you.  For after hour, Durex Canada is giving away a loving gift for you and your loved to enjoy together!

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Hello Darlings, With February comes the time of the month where we celebrate the love and lust!While not everyone is happily coupled there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day. This year, all the singles out there will not be miserable and drinking their sorrows away while watching The Notebook. Nope, this Valentine’s Day we’re going to be single, fabulous and happy!

Single on Valentine's Day

I’ve partnered with Durex Canada and relationship expert Jen Kirsch to bring you the best of what Valentine’s Day has to offer singles. We’re not only hosting two Twitter chats to answer all your love and lust questions this February 8th and 11th but also we’ve got some amazing goodies to giveaway below. So read on and get ready to fall in love with February 14th!

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