Hello Darlings, In a world as connected as ours, technology not only permits us to stay connected but also to start movements. Over the years some of the most impactful events of our generation have gained momentum over social media and the digital sphere. Today, I’m glad to share with you a movement that I’ve been admiring for years – WeDay! Especially because We Day celebrates youth making a difference in a community and enables a change towards a better world.


Through We Schools which is a yearlong program, the youth is provided with tools and encouragement that sparks social change. On We Day that effort is celebrated with a star studded concert where numerous schools have fun and celebrate each other. This year, you can get involved and make a change with one simple step!

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Hello Darlings, During the last few days of summer came a trip that usually wraps up all the memories of warm weather adventures!  While we all wish that the summer never come to an end but then again, some things are just out of our hands.

Palm Bay

To bid summer farewell and celebrate the great moments that it did brings us, the girls and I like to get away together for a few days. Over the years it has become somewhat of a ritual especially as we got older and life took its course. While in our teenage years where each one of us lived just streets away, seeing each other was a daily routine. As life happened, it is trips such as these that hold those childhood bonds together.

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Hello Darlings, What would be a lovelier way to spend a Sunday afternoon if not sipping on champagne, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a polo match benefiting Heart and Stroke Foundation? That’s exactly what I had the pleasure of doing a few weekend ago at the 36th annual Polo for Heart match. The weather was perfect, the company fun and the experience made for new memories!

Marta Tryshak of With Love Gabrielle Polo For Heart

Polo For Heart

Surrounded by the beautiful setting of the Toronto Polo Club, from the elegantly appointed Ritz Carlton Pavilion I had the pleasure to watching my first polo match. As the champagne flowed and the elegantly dressed onlookers enjoyed the match between Canadian and Irish international teams, we also had the pleasure of celebrating the home win. Of course the much anticipated half-time tradition at every polo match is the  champagne divot stomp. Yup, ladies and gents you are required to get on your feet and get working filling in those divots!

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