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Hello Darlings,

I apologize for the lack of posts, I am still recovering and studying for my two finals, which are coming up this week. On the bright side, I am almost done…well, at least for the time being :P This hopefully will give me enough time to finally finish the “mission post” (yes, I am still sticking to the promise, which makes it that much more exciting to post about), the vlog, and of course the store. I am really excited for all of them!

The weather is continuously improving, and this year around we were blessed with many sunny and warm days. I might add, this is quite rare for Canada; it snows here in April! With the sunny weather comes the need for all things short and beautiful :P

My latest addition to the skirts and shorts department is this stunning silk Rory Beca skirt that I just picked up off Shopbop. I adore this skirt, as it is a perfect transition piece, not only between seasons, but also from day to night. The skirt is very delicate and perfectly detailed with little stars at the waistband. Plus, I adore the fact that it has a lining. I don’t really like skirts without lining as they tend to ride up and wrinkle more.

I am wearing: Wilfred Bustier Tank ( from Aritzia); Rory Beca Silk Skirt ( from Shopbop); Mike & Chris "Paul" Leather Hoodie ( from Holt Renfrew Last Call); Michael Kors booties (from Holt Renfrew); Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse (from Marc by Marc Jacobs Bleecker Street Store , NYC); Tai Headband ( from Liv by Au Lit); Tiffany & Co Key Necklace (gift from Andrew); Diamond Studs (gift from parents).

I am not sure what it is about skirts that I adore, but wearing one gives me that little boost of confidence. It might be my girly gene, but I just find skirts to be very charming and feminine. Speaking of charming and feminine, I finally had the chance to pick up this fabulous Tai headband from Liv. I love it! It is as perfect as it gets in the world of headbands and for those who love them this was one is rare find. I also love the fact that it is handmade and the craftsmanship is superb.

On the side note, I wanted to mention a little something about the movie Chloe, which Andrew and I had a chance to see this weekend. Although the movie itself was not the best, it was pretty good. My favorite part was seeing Toronto. The movie was filmed in Toronto, mostly in the Yorkville area and at times on College and Queen Street. It showcases some of Toronto's most interesting and chic locations:

Hazelton Hotel and the Lounge - the lounge is really amazing and the drinks are fabulous. It is great for summer as the patio is very comfortable.

Isabel  Bader Theater at the University of Toronto- I have a lot of my lectures there. The building is very fluid and beautiful.

The Windsor Arms Hotel and Tea Room- I’ve always wanted to go to their tea room. Any reviews or suggestions?

Rivoli on Queen Street - I need to check it out, I’ve heard great things about it. Any reviews or suggestions?

Café Diplomatico on College - They have a huge summer patio, and it is a perfect for a casual night out. The food and prices are great!)

Allen Gardens Conservatory- have yet to check out but will do so this summer. It looks stunning!

The Royal Conservatory-The building is absolutely spectacular, but definitely want to check out one of the inaugural concerts.

The Royal Ontario Museum - a perfect Sunday afternoon getaway!

I found it quite interesting to see how beautifully they portrayed the city and the places that the majority of Torontonians are so familiar with.  This is just a little note that I wanted to share with everyone who has seen or wants to see the movie! You really do get a wonderful taste of Toronto, especially since so many people are not familiar with the brilliance of the city!!!

Well.... I am off to do a bit of studying! Wish me luck!

But before I leave just a quick question for my darling ladies...

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Sunday!!!

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