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Hello Darlings,

Being a student is tough: you sacrifice sleep, food, exercise and overall well-being just for a grade. But hey, it is all part of academia! A world that is full of challenges that supposedly brings out the best in people or at least sparks their inner genius. For whatever reason, my many sleepless nights landed me in the emergency room!

Andrew and I are both students... Well, we are in different stages!

I am doing a specialist in Fine Art and Architecture; meanwhile, Andrew is finishing up his masters in Neuroscience. Let’s just say our academic worlds do not exactly overlap, but our lives do. Having someone who understands you and knows what it is that you’re going through is a wonder. And having that someone to look up to is a blessing. Andrew really does make me want to go that one step farther and try to do my best even when the times get rough (as was the case during my car accident). His success does not only make me feel proud but also makes me strive for something bigger. His goals make my goals grow. It is amazing how far you’re willing to push yourself when someone is there to challenge you… and he challenges me every day.

Being students also restricts us from seeing each other. However, to be able to study together was a skill that took us almost 3 years to learn. He and I were too distracted to actually focus on the school work, but over time, we have finally mastered the skill.

A study date at Starbucks that requires you to sit for hours, study and still look cute is a challenge. But ladies, in no way should you ever go on a date (no matter how long you’ve been together) looking frumpy. Look cute, not for him, but for yourself.  Naturally of course, you should always do everything for yourself but wanting to take that little step to look cute for him is not such a terrible motive.

I am wearing:
T by Alexander Wang Stretch Long Sleeve Dress in grey & arm - from
Julie & Jack Oversize Cardi -  from Winners
A.V. Max Studded Cuff -  from
Marc by Marc Jacobs "miss marc" earrings  -  from Bloomingdales Soho, NYC
Candela "tokyo" brogues in silver - from
Gustto Cokera Purse -  from
Juicy Couture Terry Laptop Bag -  from

No need to go overboard with makeup or heels…just cute and comfortable. I settled for my new T by Alexander Wang dress. I love how beautifully it emphasizes my figure: the stripes perfectly curve in and the cut makes it naturally bunch up at the side. The cut and fit of this dress is phenomenal and I  love how simple it is. Plus, it made me feel fabulous... after all; even if you’re 250 pages into your French textbook…you should look très chic!!! A date is a date… even if it is after years of dating :P is my last exam! I can't wait to be done as this has been overwhelmingly exhausting year. Wish me I go to cram the last few things on Kandinsky :P

However, for my own curiosity.... I would love to know a little bit about you, darlings :) Tell me a little about yourself , are you a student, working, (if you feel comfortable) your age group or name or just anything that you feel like sharing with me! Thank you!

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With school done for the time being, I will be updating more frequently!  So see you in a little bit!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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