As Casual As It Gets...

Hello Darlings,

This is probably as casual as it gets for me! I know this is not my usual look or even style, but I do love it. There are those days when I just feel like dressing down and wearing some of the items that are not considered to be oh-so-chic. There are times when I combine the not-so-lovable items that are loved by me but disliked by the majority, to create some of my favorite looks. Among them is this one…

I am not the one to wear a typical pair of sweats, except for yoga! Therefore, I was in shock when I fell in love with this pair by Wang. How could it be, they look like sweats? I struggled with my crush on sweats-like pants and decided to go ahead and take the plunge by ordering them. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there pants were actually incredibly adorable, the material is very light and the detailing is stunning. They really are versatile and not very sweat-pantsy, but unique is definitely the word to describe. The quality of his items is superb. I went ga-ga over these pants and decided to order one of his dresses (instant love, I can’t wait to share it with you!) that I’ve been eyeing for a long time.

From a person who questioned T by Alexander Wang from the very beginning, you can read the post here, I can finally admit that I was wrong. His pieced are simple, basic and quite pricy for their kind…but are totally worth spending that extra dollar. Alexander is a very talented young man who really does understand the female body and his designs really do reflect it. The craftsmanship and the details are done to perfection. Although I questioned the choice in materials, I do think that the ones he selects are the perfect fit. I must admit I am addicted to Alexander Wang’s work for its simplicity and detail!

As for today’s outfit, this is a number I wore to Liv where I finally picked up the fabulous Tao headband and Secrets of Gorgeous: hundreds of ways to live well while living it up by  Esther Blum. I just wanted to be comfortable and free. Loose-fitting items are my favorite as I hate to feel restricted, sucked in or in any way uncomfortable. So, the Wang pants were a natural choice, which I paired with my favorite Wilfred top and the most debated over shoes by Ash. I must admit, I adore these shoes…they are comfortable and cute. And to my surprise, I did receive compliments on them! The outfit was perfect, as it was easy and comfortable, and I still felt fabulous in it! And at the end of the day, how you feel in your skin is what counts. Breaking rules is fun, and lately I’ve been indulging in exactly that.

I am wearing: Wilfred Top ( from Aritzia); T by Alexander Wang Pants (from; Mike & Chris Leather Hoodie ( from Holts Last Call); Ash UFO Wedge Sneakers ( from Holt Last Call); Ray Ban Wayfarers ( gift from Andrew).

Also, darlings please bear with me in regards to the store. This is all very new and I was not aware of the fact that PayPal takes awhile to verify you. So the store is in the works and I am very excited to share it with you; however, the technical stuff is not my specially and is taking me a while to organize. My apologies, I hate continuously postponing everything. Please do excuse me :)

Now, it's your turn to tell what you think...I know that many of you were not in favor of these shoes (and that is completely fine!) but what do you think of the outfit :) Please do be honest (of course,without the rudeness) :)

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

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