Why Get a Personal Trainer?

Why Get a Personal Trainer?

Hello Darlings, There are random acts of spontaneity and there are completely random moments in life! One of my most random acts in life happened two weeks ago. Somewhere between a business meeting and holiday shopping, I decided to join a gym and hire a personal trainer! Just like that. One moment I was driving by a gym and 40 minutes later I was set up with a year long membership and 24  personal training sessions.

Never in my life have I joined a gym, in fact I was terrified. Being surrounded by all types of equipment and dozens of men and women with exceptional physiques made me want to run. However I was determined to get into my pre-car accident shape. It has been over 3 years since the accident and I have a green light to get back to all of my activities. Hence I decided to tackle my new year resolution before the year has began!

I AM WEARING:    Mackage    Gloria Coat //   Tommy Hilfiger    Cashmere Sweater //    Rag & Bone    Legging Jeans //    Alexander Wang    Rockie Satchel //    Kate Spade    Leather Gloves //    J.Crew    Booker Boots

I AM WEARING: Mackage Gloria Coat //Tommy Hilfiger Cashmere Sweater // Rag & Bone Legging Jeans // Alexander Wang Rockie Satchel // Kate Spade Leather Gloves // J.Crew Booker Boots

No longer is the personal trainer reserved for those with excessive budgets but a realistic option for those looking to change their life. Given that I've always stayed active having to slow down was a big change. After few years, I was looking to get myself on a path that I can maintain. I was recommended the gym by a friend and the trainers were all qualified with years of experience, hence I felt comfortable enough to make the commitment on spot.

If you're a rookie, consider the following as to why you should get a personal trainer prior to joining the gym:

1.Safety – Exercising can be dangerous if you lack the knowledge of muscle anatomy or the proper way to use certain equipment. It's a good idea to have a trainer at least at the beginning to show you the ropes.

2.Knowledge – A great personal trainer will know everything from fitness routines, nutritional requirements, muscle anatomy, to your physical injuries or limitations.

3.Motivation – They  make a great cheerleading squad while you work out in order to push you mentally and physically.

4.Accountability – Having the responsibility of someone expecting you will ensure a great level of commitment of always being there. You will have to go to the gym with no excuses!

5.Goals –  Trainers knowledge allows them to set an appropriate goals and push you when needed.

Safety was the primary reason for me as well as effectiveness. I did not want to commit my time to something that would not give me desired results. Following an extensive consultation with a physician and my trainer, we've decided that I need to put on 7 pounds of muscle in the next 3 months. As of now, I've done 4 sessions and absolutely love it. I would have to admit that this was one of the best decisions and commitments that I've made this year. I have a trainer who's fun and understands my goals as well as has adjusted my routine in a way that I can travel and still keep up with the basic exercises. After all, the best investment that you can make is in yourself.

To follow my progress and fitness updates, check out my Instagram #WLGfit hashtag.

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