Valentine's Day According to Him and How to Avoid a Disaster...

Hello Darlings,

With Valentine's Day just around the corner and every girl expecting that grand gesture of romance from their significant other. It makes me  wonder what do men think of Valentine's Day? Well, I was always convinced that men dread this day. The expectations are unreasonable and the possibilities of crashing-and burning are too high. Women expect too much and men are terrified of disappointing.  Bad Valentine's Day planning can result in major relationship troubles and it makes me wonder what is the point of it?

A day that is meant to be enjoyed by couples has become a freak show where men are trying to impress, while women are expecting things that they don't even know that they want. What do we want from them? Is wining-and-dining really romance? Are roses really that romantic on this one particular day? Are chocolates that wonderful? Personally, this whole idea of choreographed romance is quite ironic because is romance really this? What happened to just wanting to spend the time together in each others company? The time spent together is not what it is about anymore, because after the Valentine's Day every girl is going to discuss and evaluate his progress over coffee/or cocktails with the girlfriends. Then it becomes a contest of which boyfriend did the best.

So why not cut the tension and just plan something for him? or plan something together? Or better yet don't make a big deal of a "holiday" that is so generic that almost makes a mockery of romance? Should men be obliged to create romance on this one day? I don't think so...

Regardless of how long you've been together, why not make this easier for him and just don't expect. You might  be pleasantly surprised at how much fun you can have together. Also, don't forget that this day is as much about him as it is about you. He's not just the one that should be trying to charm your socks off, why not do the same? Consider what he might like to do and suggest  that you want him to have fun as well. How about attending a sporting event together, hosting a Valentine's party for you and your friends? Why not just stay in together and really dedicate the time to each other? Just enjoy the time  that you get to spend together.

So my point of this entire post is  to say cut him some slack and have fun together! Please, don't  make a big deal if he doesn't bring you roses, or stuffed animals or doesn't 't make dinner reservations. Just appreciate the effort. Don't screw up your relationship over one day. It's most likely that more damage gets done on this day than romance, and then what's the point if you end up fighting or you go home with your expectations not met? What's the good in that!

What do you think of Valentine's Day? What do you plan or hoping to do on Valentine's Day?

Wishing You a Fun Day!!!!

With Love...


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