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Hello Darlings,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I had a very beautiful and thoughtful day filled with laughter and fun times. Thank you to my Valentine! I also had an opportunity to attend Hello Canada Love Party  the other night. I will have a post covering the outfit of the night... :)  However, in the spirit of all things love and lust, I would like to discuss a very delicate matter - Lingerie!

No self-respecting woman would ever be caught in a granny-pantie or terrible undergarments. What a woman wears underneath, defines her in a way similar to how well polished shoes define a man. When it comes to lingerie, it is an area where every woman should indulge!

Who doesn't like to waking up to a drawer full of beautiful lingerie for her new day? I am not saying  that you should dress like a burlesque dancer, just to wear something delicate and feminine. Spoil yourself a little by taking that extra time to find beautiful undergarments that make you feel fabulous.

Why not indulge and treat yourself to a day of lingerie shopping. Find something that makes you feel beautiful because no undergarment should ever make you feel frumpy. And don't forget that lucky man in your life on your next lingerie adventure.

So what is it about lingerie that we love and they desire...

Regardless how long you have been with your special someone, every relationship can benefit from that extra something and every woman can use the "secret underneath" attitude. That's the point of owning a few silk nighties :) So my darlings feel beautiful and fabulous, because ending a day in something exceptional is always ends the day on a high note.

What Do Men Prefer?

According to this is it... direct quotes from the article but with my take :)

1. Push-up Bra, G-String & Garter Belt

  • "Sometimes a new outfit can bring out a different trait in a person and lingerie can have that desired effect easily. While her nightie might utter, "Make love to me," her garter belts might be shouting, "Ravish me!"
  • My Take: push-up bras bother me. A natural look is  better, and garter belts are a great idea.

2. Camisole & Thong

  • "Sometimes simplicity works best and guys like seeing their women dressed up with a hint of innocence in a tank top and sexy underwear."
  • My Take: Silk camisoles look pretty under a semi-sheer blouse.

3. Teddy

  • "Because it looks like a bathing suit, only a lot sexier, the slit up the butt and the fact that it unbuttons from the crotch had many a man salivating hungrily to take it off."
  • My Take: I don't own a teddy, but know they look great with a skirt.

4. Babydoll

  • "This little number perks up her breasts and has a slit down the middle starting underneath her chest, and works its way down to her thighs. Oh, and it comes with great bikini underwear as well."
  • My Take: take time to pick one that you love! This is a definite yes!

5. Chemise

  • " Watching her walk around in a plain silky mini-dress-like piece with nothing underneath made many guys feel like making love."
  • My Take: silk chemise is perfect as everyday sleepwear.
In every woman's boudoir

Here's my list of  lingerie essentials. My preference for lingerie is Dolce&Gabbana as it is very beautiful and comfortable. For lounge wear, I like Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Every woman deserves to wear things that make her feel fabulous, this also applies to undergarments.

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

With Love...


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