La Baccarina Thigh High Boots

Hello Darlings

Although spring is coming and most are deciding on spring 2011 trends to follow, I am still buying winter attire. The past weeks, Toronto has been covered with snow and the temperatures are anything but spring-like (today -25ºC with windchill). The idea of warm weather seems as distant as the idea of fall 2010 RTW, considering a fact that fall 2011 RTW collections are  just a few days away.

Well, I confess... there has been some spring shopping going on :) Mostly purchasing transition pieces that will take me from one season to the next. You can always check out my latest purchases and much more by following With Love.. facebook page. However, the primary purchases have been this pair of La Baccarina's and a new Mackage Abella trench coat.

While browsing racks of Joie Lace Up Boots that I found  complicated and overwhelming, to Christian Louboutin which were too flashy and pricey,  and finally to a pair of these La Baccarina's. La Baccarina is an Italian brand that is the latest addition to Holt Renfrew's shoe department. The moment I first saw them, images of Andy from  The Devil Wears Prada walking into the office wearing those killer Chanel beauties came to light. But then again how many everyday women can actually casually sport a pair of thigh high boots like it's no ones business and feel comfortable doing it? My fear of looking more like Vivien from Pretty Woman than Andy was starting to set in while I reconsidered my choice of footwear!

With how perfectly they fit, I began to convince myself to buy them! And why not? I was just nervous of what people would think. The idea of some stranger disapprovingly looking at my shoes was bothering me. Then, the images of  Carrie and Kate Moss wearing their pairs so effortlessly and casually convinced me to abandon the idea of social acceptance and treat myself. A fact that they were 75% off a $500+ price tag was a pleasant surprise :) How could I say no? Just a though of wearing them with cocktail attire made me ascent into fashion heaven :P

I am wearing:
Mackage "Leane" Lamb Leather Jacket
7 for All Mankind Skinny Jeans in Rinsed Indigo
Wilfred Leopard Printed Sweater
Club Monaco Leather Gloves
La Baccarina Leather and Suede Boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Percy Purse

As it turned out they worked with every single item and made even the most boring outfit look great. The fear of social unacceptable was down the drain! After all, I never was one to care much about what others thought of me. Those who love me, accept that  I will always be a little rebel at heart. With that in mind, I decide to take them out for a day of shopping. Because what's the point of fabulous shoes if you can't wear them for hours. Surprisingly, they were comfortable as well as warm. I can't wait to wear them out more often! Lesson learned: who cares what others might think, as long as it makes you feel wonderful go for it :)

What do you think of thigh high boots? Would you wear them? If not, why?
Do you own a pair? If yes, where and how do you wear them?

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

With Love...


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