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Hello Darlings,

In a very cute e-mail, I was asked to share my cottage getaway essentials. Of course, cottage country is all about fun times with friends and relaxing, but that does not mean that you should live and sleep in your pj's the entire trip! So fellow cottagers I suggest you put on some "real" clothes and put your cutest foot forward (and it better have a pedi) when grabbing that ice cream or going for stroll.

Looking cute is not always the first priority when in cottage country, but things are soooo much more fun when you look and feel fantastic!

Sure some cottages are completely isolated and for all I care you can venture out naked. But when there's a community and constant interaction with people, I think that looking cute is a must. And no I am not suggesting that you wear make-up or even spend more than 15 minutes getting ready. All that I am saying is put on a breezy dress or a pair of  cute shorts and pj's be gone! Looking presentable  no matter where you are is always a good idea. You just never know who you might run into, what if you end up meeting the love of your life? And you haven't washed your hair! I know, I know... love is not about external appearance but this should drive my point home :P

I am wearing:
Wilfred Bat-Wing Top—from Aritzia, Sherway
H&M Skirt—H&M, Yorkdale
Juicy Couture "Rose" Satin Ballerinas— from
Michael Kors Watch—gift from Andrew

I never understood why people love wearing pj's outside!!! The last thing that I want to ponder is when you last showered? Pj's are meant  strictly for bedtime and I really don't care if they are D&G or Chanel or Prada... keep them where they belong, in the bedroom. I do enjoy comfort and the ability just to be and not worrying if my hair is frizzy, but when in the company of others, I care about the way I look. For times spent lounging around, I wear my Juicy Couture sweats (with no "Juicy" on my bottom!), Ralph Lauren top and a high ballerina bun. Minus, the army helmet.... that was just a test drive :P

I am wearing:
Ralph Lauren Shirt—from Winners
Juicy Couture Sweats—from Winners
Juicy Couture "Rose" Satin Flats—from
Ray Ban Wayfarers—gift from Andrew

As for the rest of the time, which is mostly spent on the beach... I prance around in a bikini and my favorite pink Brette Sander cover up. As for my cottage necessities....

♥ Sun Block: at least SPF 50 for face and SPF 30 for the body.

♥ Bug Spray

♥ Cute sweats: just for lounging

♥ Ballerinas: an older pair that can handle the wear-and-tear.

♥ Comfy Tees: I like Gap

♥ Flip Flops: one that you will not regret forgetting on the beach.  I like a basic pair from A&F

♥ One piece bathing suit

♥ A chair with an umbrella: I don't like tanning

♥ A book or magazine

♥ A moisturizer and cleanser

♥ Sunnies

♥ Nail Polish for touch ups

♥ Hair bands and elastics

♥ Beach Tote

I am wearing:
Christian Audigier Peacock One Piece—from
Ray Ban Wayfarers— a gift from Andrew


Well, I am off to study for my mid-term... and can't wait to watch Sex and the City 2 with my Mom!!!

But before I go, I just have to know....

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

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