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Hello Darlings,

>Hello Darlings,

My sincere apologies for the delay in posting... I've been a tad overwhelmed! However, I have so many things and ideas to share with you :) If only the time was on my side!

If you were to walk into my closet, you would probably get scared. But if you were to walk up to my night stand, you would find few bottles of perfume, jewelry and most importantly my collection of headbands. I am a HUGE fan of different kinds of hair accessories...

Everyone has one or two accessories that they can’t live without: for me, it’s a watch and a cute hair accessory.

There’s a certain amount of charm and femininity that comes with a bow or rosette head piece. It is an accessory that cannot be replaced and always makes a statement. It will make a bad hair day look cute and it will keep your frizzy hair under control on those humid summer days. It is a must have in my eyes!!!

Whether you like a simple satin ribbon in black, a bold flower, or rhinestones…a hair accessory is bound to make you feel like a princess, without any of the silly puffiness or ruffles. I think that a lot of people overlook hair accessories simply because they might feel silly wearing a bow or flower headband, but in reality there’s a hair accessory that can and will work for women of every taste. It is just a matter of time before you come across a piece that will make you fall in love.In my opinion, it is hard to go wrong with a simple headband or a pretty clip. However there are certain things that I personally don’t like or find to be a bit tacky amongst them are:

Bra strap instead of headbands as they were worn in 1999. Come on!

Plastic flowers that try to duplicate the real thing (for that matter, I don’t like them at home either). Unless it is an actual flower, I think there’s no reason in trying to pass it off as one. It’s like carrying a fake purse, in my opinion. But there are always exceptions.

Tiaras over the age of 13 and not on a wedding day.

Children’s hair accessories. I am speaking of the ones that moms buy for their 3 years old.

Wearing head bands over your forehead. I know some people can totally pull it off, but for me it is a personal don’t.

Otherwise, playing around with fun pieces is always a do! Stay true to your style and what it is that you like.  Just be the fabulous self that you are!

My favorite way to wear hair accessories is:

With a pony tail. High or low.

With a high ballet bun, I love to wear a simple black ribbon with a bow.

With a messy braid.

With a classic up do. A fun or demure hair piece adds an interesting twist.

With wavy hair, to pull my hair to one side.

With hair out to get it off my face on humid days.

As for the outfit…it was simple and comfortable with a touch of drama courtesy of a pretty hair piece.

I wore this look to go shopping for gifts for Andrew and few friends. It is quite fun to buy all of the gifts at once. Since I can’t really reveal what it is that I bought, I will suggest hitting a make-up counter for your girlies. My favorite choice for gifts is a pretty lip gloss from Givenchy or YSL, a Chanel or YSL mascara, and Chanel nail polishes. It is something that every gift receiver loves and uses. Purchasing eye shadow, powder, and face care is too personal and is very tricky…so unless you are certain of your choice I would say steer away from such delicates.

I am wearing:
Wilfred Bustier Tank— from Aritzia
Wilfred Leather Belt— from Aritzia
Talula Babaton Shorts—from Aritzia
Henry Duarte No. Q65 lamb leather blazer—gift from parents
Juicy Couture "Rose"  in natural snake—from Neiman Marcus
Tai Rosette Headband—from Liv by Au Lit
Michael Kors Watch—gift from Andrew
Pearl Earrings—gift from parents

I love wearing dressy shorts in the summer and looking for another pair to purchase. I feel comfortable and still dressy enough. I also think that they are age and occasion appropriate. Plus, they feel soooo light and airy that it is hard not to wear them :P And of course, ballerinas were there to finish of my look. I look forward to warm weather, specifically for this reason…to have the opportunity to wear my ballerinas. They are just soooo pretty!

Well, enough ranting on my part…I must study for tomorrow’s mid-term. Wish me luck!!!

However before I leave I must know...

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Wishing Everyone A Lovely Day!!!

With Love...


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