Preppy Freak...?

Hello Darlings,

After a long day of meetings, lectures, essays... I finally had the chance to catch my breathe and relax by the lake. And take my new Michael Kors heels for a walk!

The weather has been beautiful and ideal to visit my favorite patio at Eden Trattoria which has a great view of downtown Toronto, delicious Italian food and I just love glass of Shiraz to unwind! This place is great and I definitely recommend it :)


Today's outfit is my so called "young professional look" as I had a meeting and wanted to look clean and crisp. Although I typically don't wear heels to school, I figured these were appropriate as the heel is small and the shoe is delicate. To add a youthful touch and keep the frizz under-control, I decided to add a little side braid. I felt confident and comfortable. However, I admit that in the sea of teeny-tiny jean shorts, rubber flip-flops and tank tops everyone wears at my school... I felt like a preppy freak :P

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Dress Shirt—from Club Monaco, Sherway
Alexander Wang for Gap Trousers—Gap,Yorkdale
Michael Kors "Violet" Heels—Michael Kors, Sherway
Accessories& Beyond Bracelets— from
Michael Kors Watch—gift from Andrew
Gustto "Cokera" Purse—from


That is when the idea of what is "university appropriate" crossed my mind. Is there a dress code or does anything go? Why is it that going for a meeting with a professor calls for a dressed-up look but when in class, ripped jean shorts are the uniform. No offense, I love ripped-up jeans shorts but out on the beach or in the park. Otherwise, something so casual does not belong in a class room, it shows disrespect. I sometimes wonder how a person wearing a bathing suit-top underneath a tank can feel confident enough to approach a  professor? I can bear tiny jeans shorts, but bikini tops peeking through a tee is a bit bizarre considering that we are in downtown Toronto and the beach is nowhere near.


This is my first summer at university and I have been having a hard time trying to figure out as to how much skin is too much. It is crazy hot outside, but how much skin is appropriate for school? I do not mean to criticize some of my peers but I have seen some outrageous outfits in the past couple of weeks. I am all for flirty and cute during summer, but shouldn't university be the place where you tone it down? Am I being a bit too uptight?

Once again, I do not mean to offend... but am curious to hear your opinion!!!

What do you wear to school during the summer months?

P.S. My next post will be about "young professional" looks and some ideas as  to what to wear when you're new to the work-field or interning! I've received quite a few requests  and decided to research it!! It is both for men and be sure to check back!!!

Wishing Everyone a lovely day!!!

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