Within Ukrainian tradition....with heartbreak!

Hello Darlings,

This is not a typical post but one that is very personal and dear to me :) Last weekend, Andrew and I  attended a Ukrainian event to celebrate our culture. Part of the dress code was a Ukrainian traditional shirt called Vyshyvanka (Вишивaнка) that contains Ukrainian ethnic embroidery. The event was a fun party with traditional dancing and music.

However the end of the night was a  total disappointment.....

I decided to add some fun to my look by wearing my favorite Free People tutu and my new Michael Kors "Jennings" Sandals. Since it was a party, the look was perfect. The skirt balanced out the peasant-like Vyshyvanka and made the outfit party ready. However, the shoes were a huge NO NO!!! I've been wearing Michael Kors shoes since I was 17 and have never said , "I really HATE this pair". After owning over 20 pairs and labeling him as the most comfortable shoe designer, I am heartbroken over this pair!

Finding sandals for this summer was a difficult task, but "Jennings" were the perfect fit. At first, they felt the same way as Kors shoes always feel: comfortable! I loved the irregular nature of the heel and the statement zipper. But with a pleasant start came a horrible disappointment.

After spending few hours wearing them, I could barely walk. When I took off the shoes, my feet were bleeding and covered with blisters and one of my toes was completely numb! Although a week has passed, my toe is still numb (I am seeing a doctor next week) and my feet are still sore. Imagine my shock!!!! Never in a million of years, would I expect Kors shoes to do that to my feet. The amount of damage that I received in 3 hours of wearing these shoes, does not even come close to the pain that I experienced after dancing the night and morning away at Las Vegas on heels.

I am wearing:
Ukrainian traditional blouse—gift from family in Ukraine.
Free People tutu—gift from Andrew
Michael Kors Michael Kors "Jennings" Sandals— from Michael Kors store
Mike & Chris "Paul" Leather Hoodie— from Holt Renfrew Last Call

After complete disappointment, I decided to visit Kors store to get rid of a pair that totally broke my heart and made me doubt the comfort of Michael Kors shoes.I am still sooo disappointed and surprised! Maybe it was my feet that the shoes were not appropriate for, but fashion is never worth crippling my feet over. Luckily, the manager was nice enough to offer a different pair. Although I really loved "Jennings", I ended up picking up a pair of  "Violet" in nude color. And from the times that I have worn them, they are super comfy! I felt responsible to share with you this truly heartbreaking story! Some of you who have been reading this blog for some time, will know how much I adored his shoes and swore by them as being most comfortable! To some this response might seem a bit exaggerated, but I am truly upset.

What are your thought on Michael Kors shoes? Love/hate them?

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Off I go, got to get ready for my besties 22nd birthday party! And I still have no idea what to wear!!!! But I will be back with an outfit... :) I have also picked up a few cute things from Aritzia that I can't wait to share with you!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Saturday!!!

With Love...


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