Chanel's Little Black Dress

Hello Darlings,

The world's most practical creation is attributed to the one and only Mme Chanel. The little black dress is one of my favorite items to wear! It might have been about for hundreds of years prior to Chanel, the little black dress became a statement thanks to her. This woman understood the cheer simplicity that women crave for. Her knowledge and understanding of women and her love for simple and chic is precisely why Chanel has always been my style muse!

 Not in the mood for colorful or complicated, I settled on a simple dress that was carry me from day to night! I was inspired wear this look by the little story of Chanel and her  LBD.

The fashion history credits Coco Chanel with inventing the little black dress in 1926. Yet women had been wearing little black dresses long before. It should be noted, however, that it wasn't until the 1920s that the black dress became a fashion statement, and not a dress simply for practicality or mourning.And for that, we must give it up to Mme Chanel...When Paul Poiret came up to her in one of her first little black creations, he asked, "For whom, Madame, do you mourn?" She cheekily responded, "For you, Monsieur."

And we should also give it up to Mme Chanel for coming up with the moniker of "little black dress" while she was criticizing her fashion rival Elsa Shiaparelli. "Scheherazade is easy," she noted. "The little black dress is hard."

... Yes the little black dress had been in existence for centuries, but where it was one an item of practicality and solemnity, it is now a sure sign of power and sensuality. And for that, we can thank Mme Chane."

Finding the perfect little black summer dress may be difficult, but it usually happens when you least expect it. The dress finds a girl when she is not looking it and that is exactly what happened to me. I was browsing through Aritzia's new arrivals when this silk beauty crossed my hands. I could not resist at how beautiful and feminine it made me feel.

I am wearing:
Wilfred Silk little black dress
Mike & Chris "Paul" Leather Hoodie
Barbara Rihl Purse—from Holt Renfrew Last Call
Pretty Ballerinas Neon Flats in Glow
Ray Ban Wayfarers

A simple silk dress is perfect for a hot summer day. With a dress such as this, with an open back and flow-y design I suggest picking up a pack of double sided tape such as Hollywood Fashion Tape. The strips are  small and fit into any purse  and should be included in every girls emergency kit as these babies keep everything in place without irritating skin. I love them.

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Weekend!

With Love.... Marta

Source: " The one hundred" by Nina Garcia

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