Personal Shopper?.... :S

Hello Darlings,

Don't you just love  errand days, I do! Starting with a quick-y trip to Starbucks....a girl needs her energy boost ( especially since I've been feeling more tired lately) followed by a morning of errands that are not considered to be fun by most, but for me one of my favorite activities. I just love spending time by myself....

From one appointment to the next, from one location to another... the morning was full of unexpected and planned event. That is what my Wednesday morning looked like..... followed by an evening spent shopping with Andrew. Well, once in a while if you're lucky girl, your beloved will ask you for go to shopping for him....

This being one of every girls favorite moments in the relationship, when you proudly take your man to every single one of your favorite stores and have him try on every single item....and best part, he actually doesn't complain (although in secrecy, he most likely regrets for asking)! Although by now Andrew has made me his personal shopper ( and I enjoy it). He actually does make the effort to try on everything and be sweet about it.... regardless of my tortures with a million of cute sweaters  and scarfs :P

Every time I go shopping now, I shop with him in my mind...whenever I see something I like, I place it on hold for him to come and try out the next day (with me of course) and I make online wish lists  and send to him to check out some of the items I found.He is the most irritating and wonderful voice in my head..."awww, this would look so cute on Andrew" or "oooh no, Andrew will probably never forgive me for even looking at those leggings, he hates them."  He would never say anything to me when it comes to shopping but he sure is always in my head and I know exactly what he will think of my outfit or the cardigan that I picked out for him. It is a love/hate shopping partnership with me trying to constantly make him wear cardignas and cashmere and him constantly trying to reasure me that I do not need another one of those cashmere dresses! However along the way we always have a million laughs and fun, and his brother at times does join in on the fun. Shopping with two guys is probably the most fun a girl will have without stopping by Chanel :P

I am wearing: Tevrow+Chase Wool Sweater; Zara Skirt;  Calvin Klein Opaque Tights; Gustto Cokera Purse;  Marcio Designs for Davids Shoes Over-The-Knee Boots.

As for my outfit, well I was going for cute, of course....and comfortable! I picked up this adorable skirt from Zara few weeks ago and love it. For obvious reason.... The Bow! and the polka-dots were a perfect little touch. How could a girl say no to a skirt like that...if  it looks so adorable with pretty ballerinas and a leather jacket or a pair of pretty mary-janes. It is a one of those pieces that can transition from winter to summer...and I am all for transition pieces!

So Darlings.... now, tell me your thoughts on what  think of shopping for  men? Good/Bad idea?.... I am curious to find out how many  of you shop for or with your significant other :) I know I am such nosey little girl :P

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P.S. I can't thank enough for all of your support over the last week... it has been a very difficult time but I am continuing with my positive and perky outlook despite all of the challenges. It is holiday time and  everyone should be happy and joyful, right?!

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Wishing everyone a beautiful day!!!!

With Love...


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