Snow Day... and Mackage obsessing

Hello Darlings,

Winter has arrived.... with a crazy snow storm and freezing temperatures. I was excited to get outside to wear my new Mackage peaches jacket. However,  the moment I stepped outside, I changed my mind! Today, I spent my day in Godiva picking up some gifts and indulging in chocolate (what else can make a girl feel better?!), reading Gospel According to Chanel and of course resting after my car accident.

I don't want to be mopey but having a concussion and all sorts of pain sucks, but things could have been much worse and I am glad that they are not! So my advise to those of you who are in a low point in their life (such as my post accident life) is....

.... keep your head up high, and do what you can to make yourself feel fabulous. Forget about the troubles of tomorrow and focus on making today the best that it can be. Hey, life is full of obstacles; just remember you can feel better by looking totally cute while facing them..... the other day I told my mom, "pain I can handle but looking bad I just can't". When I look my worst, I feel even worse! If it is just applying some blush and mascara ( that's what I do).  I am  not a total optimist, actually quite the opposite.... I am  a realist, but at times hope is all that you have! Tomorrow is a new day and of course a new start - so make it a wonderful!

Anyways moving on, I feel like an inspirational speaker (and I can't stand those).... so, on to discussing far more important matters such as how much I love my new Mackage peaches jacket and Aldo bow ring :P

I am wearing: Mackage Peaches  Jacket; Aldo Bow Ring;  Blank Jeggings from Liv;  Kors by Michael Kors Eagle Boots.

This jacket has changed my entire perspective on parkas. Before I would only wear a parka on ski slopes. But, I am in love with the selection that Mackage offers. Whether it is their Canadian background (and understanding of Canadian brutal winters) or just sheer genius, their jackets are winter fabulous!!! I love this brand! This is my second Mackage jacket and I am not stopping at that, spring jacket is just waiting to be found :P  The quality and the style is impeccable! And as their slogan says it is detailed to perfection!

As for my newly found ring, well... I've been dying to get my hands on Noir Bow Ring but the $162 price tag kept pulling me back. Well, that is until I found an identical copy at Aldo Accessories for a tiny fraction of that price! I love  love love it!

Well, I am off... My mother is making a yummy dinner so tonight is all about family!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Saturday!!!

With Love...


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