LBD?!.... Line Cashmere Dress

Hello Darlings,

Living in Canada has its advantages and disadvantages...however when it comes to fashion, it is mostly a disadvantage. Well, unless you're willing to adapt, adjust and embrace the beauty of Canadian freezing winters. Personally, I love winter...for the activities, holiday season, and of course the million ways one must learn to stay warm :P In some cases it is finding a pair of boots that are not only fabulous but practical, water-proof  and warm ( my secret: a pair of good quality ski socks, those babies are über warm! Give them a try!) or finding that ideal winter jacket....or in my case, the struggle to find a perfect LBD ( little black dress) that is suitable for -20s and chic parties!!!.....

All I can say is...


....CASHMERE! Luxurious, warm and of course oh-so chic. I am a firm believer in "investing" in cashmere for those who live in colder climate. As it is warm, not bulky and is cared for properly will  serve you a long time. My collection is slowly growing...and I am so excited to add this baby to it!!! Courtesy, St. Nicholas (aka mommy and daddy).In Ukrainian tradition,  St.Nicholas day (click to find out more) is when good kids receive gifts under their pillow. And I must have been a good girl this year....because St. Nicholas was really nice to me!!! Baring gifts from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, with a touch of cashmere and Clarins!!! Thank you x 1000000!!!

A perfect winter LDB made of luxurious cashmere with a touch of glitz and glam, perfect for Christmas dinner parties.  Despite all of the holiday and accident hassles, Andrew and I took some time off to attend a charity get-together in order to raise money to buy toys for Sick Children Hospital.  A wonderful cause and a great time with an amazing company :) It was also a perfect occasion to wear my  new LBD :)


It is musterious and chic, understated and provocative. In its simplicity, it makes you look effortlessly stylish. In its sophistication, it makes you look endlessly elegant. The little black dress is the dress that is going to let you shine—it is going to flatter you, but it is not going to detract from the rest of you. It lets your hair, your accessories, and your personality take center stage. – Excerpt from The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

I am wearing: Cashmere Dress by Line;  Mackage Peaches Jacket; Gustto Cokera Purse;  Michael Kors Booties; Calvin Klien Pantyhose; Aldo Bow Ring

Just as Nina Garcia explained it in her book, which I picked up today and love it.... the little black dress has the power than no other does. I just love how easy it is to wear it! At the first sight it is simple and conservative, but it sure does make an exit :)  I kept my accessories simple by adding my bow cocktail ring and a pair of polka-dot tights. I adore  that the dress is made by Line— a Toronto based design team and I am always excited to support local talent!

Well, I am off to get some rest... as Christmas time is not exactly  an ideal time  for recovering :P But with my spirits up, everyday is a new start!

Wishing Everyone Happy  (last minute) Christmas  Shopping and a Wonderful Day!!!!

With Love...


Source: fashion gone rouge 
I adore  the fact that Line is Toronto based company  and I am always excited to support local talent!

Sex and the City 2.....yummy :)

Personal Shopper?.... :S