Part 2 Vlog: Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge

Hello Darlings,

The much promised video :) Still nervous doing them :)

In the allotted hour, I bought a beautiful silk Rebecca Taylor dress that was marked down from $350 to $78 at Holt Renfrew Last Call and was ready to present it to the judging panel in 60 seconds.

The panel, I said something like this: “I was looking for a cute summer dress, and found this one by Rebecca Taylor at Holt Renfrew Last Call. This is my first floral print piece and I love that it does not look like garden gone wild!” I told the judges that my mission was to find a cute summer dress, and explained that although not previously appreciating florals, it was their competition that inspired me to take the plunge!

I am wearing:
Rebecca Taylor Silk Dress
Mike & Chris Leather Jacket
See by Chloé Derby Bootie
Barbara Rihl Purse
Chanel Sunglasses

If anyone were to suggest that I wear floral prints, my response would be, “I am not a Stepford Wife!” While some people know how to make them look fantastic, I always thought of florals as maternal, Betty-Crocker-like and frumpy. Nothing about them said “I am a modern woman.” However, I really liked this dress: its dark and muted notes gave it a more sophisticated feel and converted me into a believer in the floral trend. I am, at last, a proud owner of something floral, but I don’t think a sequel is in the cards anytime soon. As you can see below, I took major steps in order to make sure that the dress does not look too girly by wearing boots! There is one word for these See by Chloé Boots: LOVE :D

Also, Congratulations to O, the winner of Vaughan Mills gift card!

With Love...


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