Oh So Cosmo TV Shoot

Hello Darlings,

Whoever said girls can’t rough it up and be one of the boys was either a major princess or a complete sexist.  Within every girly girl there is a closet tomboy.  My inner tomboy emerged during a three day trip to Belleville, Ontario where I took part in the Oh So Cosmo television shoot with IndyCar racing team Jensen Motorsport.

With official withlovegabrielle.com and With Love decals on the race car, the Cosmo shoot was a great lead-in for my exciting trip to Montreal for the F1 Grand Prix. That’s right darlings, I am invited to experience this exclusive world of Formula One racing up close and behind-the-scenes. As the only F1 race in North America and the most exciting event of the year for Montreal (from what I've been told), I am already planning my wardrobe for the week. The week will be filled with events and parties, and I’m excited to have you come on this adventure with me!

Car racing is a world away from stilettos and lip gloss, but is safe enough territory for exploring the question, “What starts your man’s engine?”  This is exactly the question we answered for a segment that is airing on the Oh So Cosmo show Cosmopolitan TV on June 1st.

Oh So Cosmo is a 30 minute television show on CosmoTV hosted by Josie Dye, Wilder Weir, and Jacqui Skeete. Inspired by the famous Cosmopolitan magazine, the show brings the magazine’s pages to real life for hip and urban women.

I am wearing:
Theory "Hetty S" Cashmere/Wool Sweater
Wilfred Lyon Pants
See by Chloé Derby Bootie
3.1 Philip Lim Sunnies

Urban woman or not, I was as excited to explore the country as I would have been the women’s department of Saks. With my Chloe boots and warm spring knits at my disposal, spending those chilly days outdoors at the track was a real experience.  Check back soon, as there’s more Oh So Cosmo material coming up! In the meantime, I am counting down the days until With Love… tackles the Montreal F1 Grand Prix and the "best" of Montreal. I hope you didn’t think that I would overlook the shopping and dining, did you?


For those in Montreal, do you have any suggestions as to the must go and see places?

With Love...


With Love...Backstage at Oh So Cosmo Studios

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