Vaughan Mills Challenge and $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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At some point everyone experiences a shopping trip under time pressure. With an important occasion approaching and in desperate need of that perfect dress, what’s a girl to do? Well, this was exactly my situation last Saturday at Vaughan Mills shopping centre. As part of the New Media Challenge, I was invited to take part in scoring the ultimate find in less than an hour.

The Giveaway is Now Closed! Congratulations to O (entry #2)!

To my surprise, E handled the challenge better than I did! You might ask, “How is that possible?”  Since I had a extra $100 Vaughan Mills gift card, I told him to try the challenge himself. And I am happy to announce I have a third $100 gift card to giveaway - so please keep reading.

The Quickest Way To Know a Woman is To Go Shopping With Her

– Marcele Cox

In the end it turned that E patiently waited for me by the change room and encouraged me to hurry up. As he calmly held my purse and typed away on his Blackberry, I wondered how it is that men are such efficient shoppers. I panic when there is a time limit on my shopping, but for E, that hour was all the time he needed to buy a fabulous check linen shirt from Scotch & Soda.

Keep in mind that if a man agrees to go shopping with you, don’t torture him. Be considerate and appreciative and schedule a second shopping trip with your gals if you want more time to wander. Purchase what you need the most and leave the window shopping for next time. While trying to analyze exactly what it is that makes men such efficient shoppers, I came up with the following list, which is modified to suit ladies’ needs.

Although a man will never consider what to wear when shopping, you should:

  • Since you’re a fabulous, it is okay to feel comfortable but never frumpy. That’s right: save the Lululemons for yoga class, and slip on a pair of ballerinas and a pair of loose but tailored pants.

A man will always look at the price tag, unless he is looking at something technology- related.

  • Like him, you should always look at an item’s price tag. Even if you have access to cash, consider whether the price is reasonable.

A man will go into a mall knowing what he needs. He will look for it and not stroll through stores.

  • If you’re looking for something particular, such as shoes, then stay away from clothing stores. Keep your goal in mind and go for it
I am wearing:
H&M Dress
Z Spoke by Zac Posen Purse
So did I keep all of these guide lines in mind? You bet I did.

With my Rebecca Taylor silk dress and E's Soda & Scotch shirt, we sadly didn't win the competition. So to drown my sorrows, I went back for seconds at Holt Renfrew Last Call and bought the world’s most organized clutch from 3.1. Philip Lim.

To try your hand at scoring the ultimate find, sign up to win this $100 gift card to Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.  To enter: tell me what you want to purchase with the gift card!!! The winner will selected using Random Number Generator and announced on Sunday (May 22) with the Part 2: The Ultimate Find and a new VLOG!

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