Candela Tokyo Oxfords

Hello Darlings, 

Today was packed with activities that required a comfortable outfit to slip in and out of - get your mind out of the gutter and think SHOPPING...

My day in the life of a blogger student consisted of:

♥ Calling artists - part of my internship ♥ Picking-up art books from the library ♥ Browsing on-line stores ♥ Making a birthday wish-list ♥ Reading "The Age of Innocence" ♥ Grabbing Starbucks with my mother
♥ Sporting Life to buy a swim-cap ♥ Winners for a wicked sale ♥ Swimming 40 laps ♥ Blogging!!!

I am wearing:

Necessary Objects Cotton Jumpsuit

Talula Wool Blazer

Candela Tokyo Oxfords

Tungsten Rings courtesy Superior Wedding Rings Jewelers

A.V. Max Cuff

H&M Bow Headband

I tend to get annoyed with my long hair constantly falling into my face. Although I really love how long it is, I do get frustrated with all the care and nurturing that goes into it. Ever since I started swimming, chlorine has been getting the best of it...
As for the nail polish that I am wearing... it was a gift from one of my girlies. It is the most perfect shade of pastel pink-OPI Mod About You.

I would also like to thank all of you for your Las Vegas suggestions.... they are very helpful, since I am a complete organization freak and always have everything planed out.

I wish you all a beautiful day!!!!
With Love... Marta


Las Vegas 21st Birthday = SO EXCITED!!!!