Las Vegas 21st Birthday = SO EXCITED!!!!

Hello Darlings,Today was an especially exciting day since I booked my LAS VEGAS 21st Birthday celebration (yup, I turn 21 September 1st)..... soooooooooo EXCITED!!! This is an early b-day gift from my parents and I can't wait to go on September 2. Honestly, I am still jumping around !!!!

If you darlings have any suggestions as what to see, where to go, shop, eat and of course where to party?
I would really appreciate it!!!
Anyways, moving on from my over-excitement to today's outfit which I wore for dinner with one of my closest friends. Simple but on a dressy side. I love how the crystal accents matched the color of my shoes :) Yes... I know, I am a detail-freak! Plus, I thought that hot pink was an ideal color for a girls night out :P

To my surprise, I've been wearing American Apparel disco pants a lot this summer. I never expected this, but I really do love how they make every outfit that much more fun! OMG.... could this be me starting to slowly warm up to leggings after so many years refusing to even look at them... well, except for my ballet classes. Maybe... but not quite there yet and not sure if I will ever be!

I am wearing: 

Whitley Silk Top

 American Apparel Disco Pants

 Mackage "Leane"Leather Jacket

Candela Tokyo Oxfords

 Luc Kieffer Barbered Wire Ring;

A.V. Max Cuff

Also, I've been working on a fun "project" for this blog... and I can't wait to reveal it any day now. Just few touch ups and it is almost ready!!!!

Thank you so much for your continuing support... it means the world to me.If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it this far. If I do win, I plan on hosting a personal giveaway that will represent the blog and its tribute to Chanel as a thank you. I am most excited about this part and would love to be able to do it!

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You will have to register to vote.Thank you!!!You can vote for one of your favorite photo finalists every day until August 12, 2009. P.S. thank you for binging to my attention a fact that the voting system might not be counting all of the votes. I also noticed that myself this morning when I tried voting for the second time for other bloggers. I have already contacted the representative but please do continue to vote :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and once again THANK YOU!!!!!!

I wish you all a beautiful day!!!

With Love... Marta

Source: google images

Candela Tokyo Oxfords

Coldplay Concert in Alice & Olivia