Hello Darlings, 

Just got in from a day of shopping. The sales were amazing, if you are planning some last minute summer shopping or slowly planning an autumn wardrobe - this is the time to go shopping.

I bought items that will be perfect for the remaining summer days, my Vegas vacation, as well as transition me into the autumn season. Here's what I got:

I picked these babies up on a crazy sale from $265 for $39.99! Victoria Beckham really does know how to make good jeans, there is no bunching at the knees and they are like a push-up bra for your behind.

I also ordered this Twenty8Twelve by Sienna Miller Chloe Tank on sale from $85 for $28 from Shopbop. The only downside were the crazy taxes, and on a $28 tee were $11... Fellow Canadians who order from Shopbop, do you pay crazy taxes as well??? I never pay this much at Revolve Clothing. CRISIS!!!! I also bought this unbelievable Morphine Generation Denim vest at Winners on 80% off $168, but I am not sure what to wear it with.

How would you wear this vest????
Thank you so much for your continuing support... it means the world to me.If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it this far. If I do win, I plan on hosting a personal giveaway that will represent the blog and its tribute to Chanel as a thank you. I am most excited about this part and would love to be able to do it!


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With Love... Marta
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