Coldplay Concert in Alice & Olivia

Hello Darlings, 

Yesterday was a perfect day. My boyfriend bought tickets for the Coldplay concert and we both had a great time at the concert at Rogers Centre.

I am more of a ballet and musical person, but Coldplay was amazing. I have never experienced music in such an extreme and expressive way. There were over 50,000 people and it was phenomenal being in one place with so many happy faces :) 

It was also our 2 years and 7 month anniversary and we "celebrate" every month by doing something together. The night was completed by late drinks at a cute downtown patio. A great night to remember!


I was surprised how casual people dressed for the Coldplay concert. People get more dressed up for hockey games :) It was a bit bizarre to me. And thankfully we had seats, since otherwise I would have died standing on my 5 inch heels from 8 pm until 12.

For my outfit, I chose a sexy Alice & Olivia sequin top with sparkle and sheer and downplayed it with a pair of Armani Exchange pants. I felt that it was both comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

I am wearing:

Alice & Olivia Sequin Top

Armani Exchange Pants

Michael Kors Heels

Gustto Cokera Purse

Luc Kieffer Ring

With Love... Marta

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