Project Self and TNA Wool Sweater

Hello Darlings, 

One of my fav bloggers Ashleigh from Rantings of a Fashion Addict tagged me for Project Self. She has a killer sense of style, and her ability to pair designer vintage/thrift items is a quality I am jealous of. Also she's never afraid to take a chance when it comes to fashion so I check often for inspiration from this " fashion addict".... :)


Project Self

The rules of the game are:

State 8 things you like about yourself, 3 you dislike, and 5 you learned to love

State something you love about the person tagging you and the person you tag

Post a picture that displays at least one thing you love or dislike about yourself



Eight Things I Love about Myself

My ability to stay true to myself ...
I surround myself with people who accept me for who I am.
My Ambition ....
I work hard to achieve what I want.
My Priorities ....
I have my priorities straight.
I am not emotional but rational....
well, on most situations.
I am an only child ....
I love it, I know I'm selfish,lol :p
I am a bookworm ....
I LOVE reading.
I love my eyes ...
they are a copy of my mom's eyes - green and almond shaped.
I love my legs ....
I don't like admitting it, but it is true.
Photobucket I am wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch Vest TNA Wool Sweater Wool Kilt Minnetonka Mocassins TNA scarf Kneet Socks -

Three Dislikes

Being a perfectionist .... well, that's self-explanatory.

Being a complete control freak ... I plan everything

Always being late... I am always last-minute

I love this handmade brooch by Daniel Pollak, that was given to me as a gift.


Five Dislikes that I have Embraced

My weight ....

I am naturally really skinny and was called names in elementary school...

Now, I weigh 98 pounds and love that I can pig out every day :P

I have really bad vision ( -5.75) ...

I only wear contacts and plan on getting a surgery ( but too scared for now).

I am picky ...

I just can't help it, but leaned to control it.

My Wavy hair ...

I have wavy hair, but my perfect hairdresser fixed the problem.

My Appearance ....

I used to be self-conscious but now I love myself for who I am :)





On another note, I have about six winter jackets but still bought this one by Soia &Kyo... Their jackets are reasonably priced, good quality, and really cute. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Soia&Kyo Annisa Z Short Wool Coat with Belt in Black - $330I am so excited for it to arrive :)

Another one of my biggest obsessions is graphic tees, especially by Trash & Luxury and Le Magnifique... however, what I was wondering is .... Would you spend $ 70 - 120 for tee? I find it a bit ridiculous how much, they cost but they are sooooo AWESOME, I can't resist...

Trash & Luxury " Vanity is Fair" Dolmal Sleeve Tee - $67

By the way, I am also looking for leather boots, under $500 ....


With Love...



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