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This is a random post but as I was shopping on Revolve Clothing, I spotted Eric Daman (genius behind "Gossip Girl" style) Style guide and could not resist. It completely made my day, packed with ideal inspirations for school-style.

Naughty Schoolgirl Biker Bebe ( My favorite look)
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" She's rockin' out on her way to school on her little motorcycle jacket, skinny jeans and the perfect boot. She's a little mix of Vanessa and Jenny from the show."The Trends: Skinny Jeans Bangles Leather Jackets Headphones NecklacesSexy Tennis Doubles Photobucket Image Hosting

" This is Hamptons via Great Gatsby with the cardis, knee socks, and headbands.I loved belted grandpa cardigans - you can give yourself a waist. I love this look."

The Trends: Belts Preppy Headbands Brights Bangles Knee Socks

Blair Does Carrie Donovan
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" This is my sexy secretary editor girl. I love the mix of blacks, greys, and brights. The oversized pearls and tweed sparkly headband make it fun. Dressing up is all about fun."

The Trends: Stripes Brights Oversized Jewelery Headbands

A Teen Vogue Chanel Fantasy Photobucket Image Hosting

" Mix bright colors for fall."

The Trends: Gloves Stockings Brights Clutches The Perfect Teen Collegiate Girl

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" She's got a 50s inspired sheath dress with Yale-inspired cardigan and nubby knee socks. This is a great mix of dress up and dressed down."

The Trends: Belts Bangles Hats Boots Totes Knee Socks Cardigans

The Hipster Schoolgirl
Photobucket Image Hosting "This has a really contemporary girl-on-the-street vibe to it.She's imitating her favorite celebs she saw in a magazine. The print dress was a vintage feel and the acidic neon bracelets are just off enough that it works. Oh, and I love the hat."The Trends: Scarves Booties Oversized Bags Sunglasses Hats Young Annie Hall Photobucket Image Hosting "I absolutely love the tuxedo look for fall."The Trends: Tuxedo Trousers Gloves Bows Hats Polka Dots

Spy versus Spy

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" They are waiting at the train station? These are such travel outfits.Definately do winter whites for fall. Accessorize with bright color. It's very Faye Dunaway in Chinatown."The Trends: Coats Gloves Hats Scarves Winter Whites
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Sources Used: Most of the information and all of the photos are from Revolve Clothing.

Project Self and TNA Wool Sweater

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