Let's talk about Stress in Fashion

Hello Darlings,

Women are striving to have it all - the ideal job, family, body, and fashion. But at what cost? No sleep, stress, depression? That is the question for you to answer. As for me, trying to balance work, school, and some sort of social life comes at a cost - for me mostly stress that leads to panics.


If an average person has trouble dealing with all the stress in their lives, I wonder how do people the famous people in the fashion world handle stress? Well..... TAKE A LOOK at this video called Stress in Fashion and featuring the Kaiser of fashion himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

Stress Therapy

Well as my stress levels keep increasing, I continue finding comfort in retail therapy. This time I actually went to the mall instead of just clicking my way through a website, where I bought this Ralph Lauren blazer with school boy styling complete with a crest.


I am wearing:
Talula Wool Blazer H&M Plaid Cotton Shirt J -brand Michael Kors Platforms A.V. Max Gold Studded Cuff Gap Leather Purse

On another note, I had an accident rock climbing. Nothing major, but no skirts or dresses for me until the bruises heal :(  Lesson learned to be more careful next time.


I wish you all a Happy Monday!!!!

With Love... Marta

Moschino Gloves

Project Self and TNA Wool Sweater