In Theodora and Callum

Hello Darlings, Chocolate, cupcakes,  wine, cookies, or shoes—take your pick! Not everyday is smooth sailing and there are days when every girl needs a little pick-me-up. Knowing how fabulous you are, no hiccup should deter very long your drive to to success.

And for those not so fabulous days, it is okay to take a little me-time to indulge. No, I am not saying that you go out and splurge on a new wardrobe. In fact, stay away from shopping malls when feeling down, it can be really bad for your finances.I do however believe in indulging in amazing cupcakes from your nearby bakery, or maybe chocolate cake, or maybe after work cocktails with friends. Whatever it takes for you to smile! Being a cry-baby never accomplishes much good, so instead take a little time to indulge in a  little delight, then move on...

A few days ago I experienced my own hiccup. Despite my belief that everything happens for a reason, I felt crummy.

Cry-I did not! After an hour or two of sulking. I blow-dried my hair straight—huge effort on my behalf —put on my brand new Theodora and Callum wedges, slipped into my favourite slinky blouse, and headed out for a dinner. By spending that extra time on myself and wearing a pair of heels, I felt slightly better. After dinner, I treated myself to my go-to remedy: cupcakes. After five cupcakes at LA Sweets, things were already looking up!

I AM WEARING: Talula Babaton Silk Blouse // Talula Babaton Shorts // Wilfred WLeather Belt // Alexander McQueen Razor Necklace // YSL Arty Ring // Theodora & Callum Biarritz Song Holiday Wedges // Z Spoke by Zac Posen Purse

If I learned anything from that day it was not to allow any one event to question your ability to succeed. Just keep plowing ahead and working very hard!

The next day, I went back into the battlefield feeling much more optimistic. The power of heels and sugar.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

With Love...


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