Hello Darlings, The other morning while I was getting dressed for a casual breakfast at my favourite local cafe, I heard a calm yet inquisitive: "What are those?"

"Those" he was referring to were my favourite See by Chloé shorts with tiny bows. To say the least, I adore them. To say that he hates them is an understatement...

In fact, I have three specific items that  I know well he hates :P Aside from the shorts, I was also told that  my Chanel sunglasses and Wilfred silk leopard pant were also flawed. If I recall correctly, his very words were " Why would you wear that, if I really hate it?" Good question, but my immediate thought then was to expect him never to wear items that bother me.

Then again, how far does one trust a man with input as to our fashion choices? A skirt or a dress of course, but there are certain things that are just not comprehensible for men. I am a supporter of being a feast for your man's eye, and love dressing for him. But there are certain things that I do not expect him to understand; and a pair of shorts that look like bathing suit bottoms from the 40's is one of them.  I also really love my leopard pants because in my mind they are wicked cool! And perhaps most important is my obsession about having perfect mani/pedi because poorly kept hands and feet gross me out.

I AM WEARING: Groceries Organic Cotton Tank // Juicy Couture Grosgrain Trim Cardigan // See by Chloé Bow Bloomer Shorts // Chanel Sunglasses // Repetto Rose Amour Flats

Did I change the shorts, no! Did I make a mental note, absolutely! The compromise was his repeated criticism of my shorts throughout breakfast, whereas I was reveling in being able to wear them in the winter.

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