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As I was getting dressed this evening to go out for a late dinner, I was watching some random dating with men complaining about how much a pain-in-the-a** "HIGH-MAINTENANCE" when it comes to their appearance.

I wouldn't be surprised if people assume that I am "high- maintenance" for always trying to look my best. To a degree I am used to being pre-judged, but it got me thinking:
What is a "High-Maintenance Woman" and why?
Definition high-main·te·nance

requiring excessive amount of attention or effort to maintain
The Male Perspective ... as described on ASKMEN.com

"High maintenance women are like high maintenance sports cars. They're lots of fun when you're out on the town together, but for every hour of showing off, there are another 10 spent on upkeep and repair behind the scenes. After hours of polishing the headlights in your garage, you might ask yourself -- is this really worth it, just for a couple of rides? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider dating high maintenance women.""These women love dressing up whenever possible, and are obsessed with all aspects of their personal appearance and grooming in general. This almost obsessive attention to detail usually extends beyond their person, to their homes or apartments, their pets, and yes, even their men. In addition, they tend to be perfectionists, overachievers, self-centered, and a bit vain."

- Pros: She looks like a million bucks

"High maintenance gals are arm candy, pure and simple. They look perfect."

- Cons: She knows she looks like a million bucks

"The worst pitfall to dating this type of woman is without a doubt dealing with her vanity. And other negative traits accompany vanity, such as being a spendthrift; she may blow huge wads on things like manicures, self-tanning, and keeping up with each and every trend."
My Take

Although being "high-maintenance" has a lot more to do then just looks, most women are placed into this category strictly because of their appearance. I see nothing wrong with looking great. I love dressing up, wearing awesome shoes, and having  polished nails. When I look great, I feel great!!! Sure there are extremes, but are so-called "high-maintenance" women are just the ones who enjoy looking their best?

Why do men refer to women in similar terms as a cars?  DO I LOOK LIKE A CAR??????  No.... all I do is try to look great, am not self-obsessed, actually quite opposite... I am my self's worst critic.


What does "high-maintenance" mean to you?
Do you consider yourself "high-maintenance"?
Do you think being "high-maintenance" is wrong?
Darlings, I am really looking forward to your honest answers!!!


With Love... Marta

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