Exit Strategy with Aritzia...

Hello Darlings,

I was so excited to read comments on "high-maintenance" post and you darlings made my day!!! I am thankful for being able to interact with so many interesting and inspiring people. Thank you :)

As for the outfit, I was going for a subtle yet sexy look for a date night out. I wore an all black outfit so my accessories would be the focal point.The heels, purse, bracelets and watch were all gold-tone and the scarf had gold threading. To make the outfit more fun, I chose a top with a bit of a surprise.

This Aritzia top was on sale from $45 for $35. It has a beautiful open back with black sash to create numerous different looks. The top is casual and simple but can be easily dressed up. You can definitely make a memorable exit and create a subtle and sensual look. In short, it's me: simple but with interesting detail. And not to forget this gorgeous Anemira Concept silk scarf was a gift from Turkey - It is sooobeautiful!!!

P.S. you can see the little braid!

The focus of the outfit was my new Be&D shoes... that brought together the entire outfit and gave it a more going out feel. I bought these babies on Forward by Revolve. I love Forward, a sister store of Revolve Clothing with more upscale designers. They have Canadian 3-6 day shipping is FREE. Plus, they have the best sales on designer wear, especially shoes!

I am wearing: Anemira Concept Silk Scarf; E Community Top; Talula Shorts; Mackage "Lean" Jacket; Be&D Antonia Heels; Gustto Cokera Purse; Accessories& Beyond Bracelets; Raymond Weil Diamond watch

Overall, I felt comfortable and great... and even tried something new with my hair with a few tiny braids.

P.S. I am truly overwhelmed at how supportive you've been of my Elle Canada contest page, THANK YOU.... If you haven't had a chance to check them out ... Click HERE. If I actually win, I will definitely have a little surprise for you darlings as a thank you - This is the part I am most excited about!!!

I wish you all a beautiful Sunday!!!
With Love... Marta

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