Five Tricks to Staying Fabulous

Hello Darlings, 

With the many runway shows and events at Montreal Fashion Week - followed immediately by the whirlwind Toronto International Film Festival ("TIFF") - keeping up with feeling and looking fabulous has been a real challenge! Part of what's so appealing is not just the films and shows, it's meeting so many interesting people, and of course the glitzy and glamorous parties. From sunrise to sundown, the past two weeks I've had as many as six things to attend daily, so this girl is tired :)

Question: what's a girl to do when time is not on her side? Well, I wast wondering this during the first week and came up with a few tricks that made a difference.

Trick #1: Prior to beginning my September craze, I spent a few hours in the chair of my trusted Exit Salon team. My colorist Rob worked his magic to give me the most beautiful shade of red with hints of copper. This is definitely trick #1, regardless of how fabulous your outfits might be, your hair is the first and foremost accessory. So when you know your schedule will be hectic, do yourself the big favor and plan in advance to have your hair (and color) done!

Trick #2: I have recently discovered the sheer beauty of Shellac for my nails. Despite having some negatives, it is worth getting Shellac during busy periods like this. Similar to your hair, you want to know that your nails are looking neat at all times. With lifespan of about two weeks, Shellac is a great time-saving option. However, I suggest not getting too used to the idea, since Shellac made my nails much more brittle and the skin on my hands dry. So for me, Shellac is for special super busy occasions only!

Trick #3: With late nights, can come under-the-eye bags and the occasional unpleasant blemish. Applying Philosophy's Eyes Wide Open throughout the day, and then following up with a touch of Chanel concealer does the trick.

Trick #4: With regular alcohol consumption and eating restaurant food, my skin was progressively suffering and so were my energy levels. So my solution was to drink as much tea and eat as much fruit as possible. My current favorites are DAVIDsTEA Persian Apple Gree Tea which is high in antioxidants, and cottage cheese with lots of berries for breakfast.

Tricks #5:  Avoid drinking coffee, as it dehydrates your body, which is really bad for your already suffering skin.

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When faced with a hectic schedule that is high on stress - and with short nights vampiring your sleep - as the saying goes the best defense is a good offense! 

What are some of your fabulous tricks?

With Love...


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