My Madonna Experience

Hello DarlingsA few days ago, for the first time I watched Madonna perform live. I'm a fan of her music, not a huge fan but still a fan. And I am certainly impressed by her character, even the not so positive stuff since even then she's an interesting celebrity (think why on earth would any successful woman date A-Rod ?). Back on point, I thought to share my Madonna experience since it certainly was interesting.

Before going to her MDNA concert, I knew Madonna has dozens of hit pop songs such as Like a Prayer and even some of her new stuff like Girl Gone Wild are popular. But most of all, I am impressed by the longevity Madonna has enjoyed as an elite superstar for more than 25 years, and her ability to keep herself relevant and newsworthy still as a 54 year old pop singer!

Maybe this explains why Madonna chose to start her MDNA concert with a hard core "angry" dance routine to her new song Gang Bang. I hated the song and the whole angry mock gun violence (if the lyrics aren't terrible enough). But still I appreciate that the masses would likely ridicule Madonna mercilessly if she just played her old cutesy songs like Cherish and Celebration. So I appreciate that she set the tone that she's still edgy and current, which seemed to immediately win respect from the crowd that Madonna continues to evolve with the times instead of living out past glory days.

 I AM WEARING: Diane Von Furstenberg Roccoco Armour Jacket // Alice & Olivia Sequin Top // Talula Babaton Silk Shorts // YSL Arty Ring // Roots Kristina Purse

My favorite part of the show was a super fun college band themed performance of the songs Express Yourself followed by her new song Give Me All Your Luvin', with Madonna dressed in a college cheerleader outfit and with a number of drummers playing while suspended high above the stage - very impressive creativity and performance!

 Near the end of the show, in a video on the big-screen behind Madonna's stage, Nicky Minaj opined "There's only one Queen, and it's Madonna". Nicky Minaj and Madonna have collaborated recently - and I am also a closet Nicky Minaj fan (just not so much of her fashion style) - which made me think how much I agree that Madonna is the Queen of pop music and continues to deserve a huge amount of respect!

Thanks so much to my friends at Coty Canada - the company that sells popular perfume and skin care brands including Madonna's own Truth or Dare  perfume! Coty treated me to the two tickets to see Madonna, and as you can see from the photos, arguably I had the best seats in the house! For more images from the concert check out  album on Facebook, by clicking here!

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