Night at the Ballet

Hello Darlings, 

Ballet has been a part of my life since training for years as a kid. It is a passion that cannot be explained but only experienced. And while I haven't had my foot is a ballet pointe' in years, it is still very much a part of my life just now only from as part of the audience.


 During the 2008/2009 National Ballet of Canada season has arrived. The first production "Seagull" was conceived by acclaimed choreographer John Neumeier, and based on the Anton Chekhov's play. The entire work was like a choreographed poem with a theatrical experience. Although slightly tragic, it explored human emotion in ways that I've never seen in ballet .... It was fantastic.


The Principal Dancer Zdenek Konvalina was absolutely amazing!

To the performance, I wore my favorite Nicole Miller little black dress with a cashmere cardigan. I wanted to cover up my shoulders, since I've been taught that bare shoulders are inappropriate at theaters and performing centers.

 The photo is blurry, but the Christmas tree was so pretty.
At the Four Seasons Center of Performing Arts.
In my opinion, having a "little black dress" is the most important article of clothing in my wardrobe. Every woman needs to own that perfect little dress that will make her feel on top of the world. The perfect one can make a girl sparkle a little brighter !!!

I am wearing: Nicole Miller Bubble Dress CeCe Cashmere Cardigan Givenchy Floral Pantyhose Michael Kors Booties  Ragina Italia Handmade Leather Bag Raymond Weil Diamond/Gold Watch


I also indulged and bought an Italian Leather bag from Regina Italia and matching plum cashmere gloves from Portolano. I also bought Juicy Couture flats - I just really love Juicy.


P.S. For some time, I've receives comments aking me about my diet/exercise and beauty routine. I will make a post about my beauty routine.

With Love... Marta

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