Technical Problem..


Hello Lovelies....

I am so angry with PHOTOBUCKER and their restrictions that I never knew about .... I apologize for the disappearance of photos.... I'm working to get them back up. Bare with me .... THANK YOU!!!!

Anyways, I am on my way to see ballet.... and a new post is coming up :)

I am so sorry....

UPDATE: Hi, well i've been trying to get the photos back up, since I refuse to pay $40 to Photobucker just to post my own picture... So I decided to transfer the recent photo into a new account ... which took forever.The rest of the old posts are going to visible on the November 20... I am really sorry!!!
Tomorrow morning(Sunday 15) I will make a new post on today's ballet and more shopping .... :P

With Love....

Emotion at its best ... :)

♥ Rainy Days and Guilty Pleasures... ♥