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I have received a number of e-mails regarding prom dresses…as the lovely ladies are gearing up for a very special occasion. I was asked to gather some inspiration, tips, and “advice”. When it comes to prom, it is all about the dress! Once you find that perfect dress everything comes together. The second, most important part is setting a budget and keeping it in mind.

I am really excited to bring you this post as it really did take me back in time to my Prom in 2006....

My prom was a dream come true, however it cost my parents hefty $2000. In the moment the budget takes a seat back, however once that day is done and over with, the guilt sets it. And trust me, you do not want to look back at your prom and regret how much it cost you.This is my case, despite a fact that it was an experience that I will never forget as I did feel like  a princess.  From the stunning chiffon BCBG Max Azria dress, a day at the spa to get all pretty, professional hair and make-up, a limo for few friends, a room  for an “after-party” at one of the chic-est hotels in the city…AND it all lasted mere 24 hours!  Although it was a fairy tale, I do regret the budget.

My Advice: keep your budget in mind! I must admit that I do have a love/hate relationship with my dress…I hate the price, but I do love it and still wear it.  Therefore, if you can reasonably justify the spending and you think that the purchase is going to be used then consider spending a little more. However, in no way should you ever compromise on the budget. If you spend more on one thing, then you save on another.

If I could re-live my prom!!!

Finding that dress is always the most work but once you do find it…everything falls into place :) Cliché, but so true! When looking for that dress, stay true to your style and remember who you are. Prom does not mean lots of puffy, satin dresses with rhinestones and millions of bows. Prom can and should be classy, girly, fashionable, refined and very you!

Personally, I adore flow-y and delicate dresses which is exactly why I still adore my BCBG prom dress until this day. However, I think that if I was to attend a prom this year, I would go for a flirty short dress in beige or pastel colors. One word: Valentino!!! (spring 2010)

Beauty Tricks

For a dramatic look try false lashes, but keep the rest of the look simple. Go for a natural looking version of lashes and add a touch of eye liner. Keep it delicate. No need for crazy smoky eye with super long lashes. That is just too much.

Try a brown smoky eye. It is less dramatic and looks very pretty.

Try a bold lip, but keep the rest to a minimal.

Unless you’re a pro yourself, get your eye brows professionally done. It makes a huge change!

Here are more ideas, inspired by the runway looks, Click!

Hair Wars

I think that going to a trusty hairstylist is probably the ideal bet. Only if you really trust that person or have heard great things from people you trust!  Because I’ve been in situations when the hair sucked so much that I had a panic attack.

I adore beautifully done waves maybe with a touch of French braid for a fun and youthful look. Your hair should complement the dress and make-up. If you’re going for delicate and neat go for a bow. If you’re going for soft and youthful, try out soft waves or a loose side braid. If you want daring and bold, try out a pulled back ponytail.

Try a beautiful headpiece or a clip.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

For more ideas, check out: here, here and here!

Purse Must Haves

cell phone

emergency cash

oil blotting  sheets



band-aid for blisters

lip-gloss, mascara, and powder

Prom is one of those memories that you're going to carry with you for the rest of your life, be sure to enjoy it  and just have fun!!! Do not obsess over the tiniest things, you're fabulous no matter what!!!

Now it's you turn... please do share your plans or memories of your prom!

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