The Worth of Designer Heels

Hello Darlings, Is it worth splurging extra on designer heels? This is a debate worth having, and while some may not justify spending hundreds on a pair of heels, others are more than willing and some won't settle for spending any less!

Prada Peep-Toe Shoes

Like everything, shoes should be purchased within your means. Personally, I cannot afford $700+ heels, but occasionally justify spending up to $500 on special ones that make my heart skip a beat. Spending a third of rent on a pair of heels is indulgent but the question today is, are they worth it?

Kate Spade Leena Pumps & Tory Burch Beverly Pump

For this girl, the answer is yes! I justify the extra cost is based on the quality, and in turn the return on my money based on the number of times the shoes are actually worn. The majority of my designer shoes were purchased on sale but then again, rarely do sales make them completely affordable.

Prada Peep-Toe Shoes
 YSL Troopers
 Fendi Sandals
Jimmy Choo Slingbacks

Out of the holy shoe trinity — Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin —  I own two. A pair of classic slingback Choos and black booties from Manolo. Louboutin's are yet to grace my closet, but I sure do have a pair in mind! Choos are my absolute favorite as they are incredibly comfortable. The quality of the material used to make Choos and Manolos are worth the splurge. I also really love Fendi and Prada for the very reason, quality! My all time favorite YSL troopers were a spontaneous buy, but for 5 inch heels they are a wonder and are my go-to party shoes!

Kate Spade Bow Pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dries Wedges
Tory Burch Beverly Pumps
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Vinty Wedge
 Loeffler Randall Parker Sandal

For a happy medium, spending on contemporary versus high end designer shoes is the way to go, especially if sales are involved. Also, classic shoes that will last a few seasons is worth the investment. Just always choose quality over quantity, and be sure to take your shoes to a  good cobbler on occasion to prolong their life.

 YSL Troopers

In the pictures are some of my favorite high end and contemporary designer shoes that I am wearing this summer!

What's your shoe theory when it comes to spending on heels?

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