With Love...at Toronto Fashion Week in Aritzia's Little Moon

Hello Darlings,

Happy Sunday to Everyone! Boy-0-boy was it a crazy weekend for me. I am exhausted! Starting with an all-nighter on Wednesday, handing in my assignments, rushing to a fashion show, then a friends place, and a birthday. Followed by church early in the morning, buying gifts for my cousins, dinner with family, then a girls night out! And finally Sunday....studying and spending time with my loved ones! Hahaha.... that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Thursday was  my last day of lectures, so I could actually manage to squeeze in one fashion show at 9:30 pm after my evening lecture! Andrew and I  along with one of our close friends, checked out Bustle. It was a the final show of the week and was followed by an after-party! The plan was to stay for both of the events, however....

The show started good 45 minutes late and I was so irritated that I wouldn't wait to get out. My biggest pet peeve=irresponsible! I hate when things are not organized. I think a fact that a designer makes his/her guests wait is simply disrespectful! Unless, a model is suffering from some kind of a bulimia attack (God, forbid) or there is an emergency, there is ZERO reason to be late.

( P.S. TURN DOWN THE VOLUME for this video)

Following the night of no sleep,  the crazy long was beyond irritating but luckily I had a fun company to keep me entertained! The show was about 20 minutes and the clothes were alright. I was expecting more out of them! Andrew and Ted thought that the show was a letdown! I wasn't in love with the entire collection, but individually some of the pieces were quite amazing! The venue which received so much negativity (you can read more about the whole thing, here and here) was boring and lacked character. Overall, I am disappointed...I preferred last season!!! So we decided to skip the after party.

However, our night got a million times better after we stopped by Ted's place for quick bagels and champagne (i know, weird combo but totally worked) and then ventured out for a birthday party! I think that my biggest problem with fashion week is peoples complete lack of comfort. Every just looks out of their element and totally, uncomfortable.

I am not a big fan of pretentiousness and the entire atmosphere reeked of it :P  Sorry, for being so blunt but I just know how else to word it. I think that the best part of the entire experience was running into  Jeanne Beker from Fashion TV, I lover her! Luckily, there's always a new season to set a better atmosphere and to work out the kinks! Hopefully, I will be able to check out much more show...fingers crossed that my schedule is going to be more bearable!

I am wearing: Little Moon by Wilfred  "swept away"  silk blouse ( from Aritzia, Sherway); Alexander Wang for Gap trousers ( Gap, Yorkdale); Mike & Chris "Paul" Leather Jacket ( from Holts Last Call); YSL Trooper Pump ( Holts Last Call);  Gustto Cokera Purse ( from revolveclothing.com); Michael Kors watch ( gift from Andrew); Marc by Marc Jacobs "miss marc" studs ( from Bloomingdale, Soho)

As for the outfit, I wanted to go for comfortable and cute! The event itself was intimidating, so the last thing I wanted was to be uncomfortable with what I was wearing. I settled for my favorite pair of trousers and a new top from Little Moon by Wilfred. Little Moon, as Aritzia's employ explained, was an "exclusive" line that used only the best ideas and materials.What exactly that means is still a mystery to me :P However, the line is exquisite! I absolutely adore this top... from the delicate silk-chiffon, to the print, and the beautiful girlish cut! It is LOVE! Nothing too form fitting, as I hate to wear tight things :P This top is flow-y and airy! I also really wanted to get a pair of green trousers but my size wasn't available ( heartbreak!!!) . To add the final touches to my casual/cute outfit I went for my favorite Mike&Chris leather hoody, YSL's and my Gussto love (to fit my camera)!!!

Well, I am off to study... I have an exam on  Wednesday!!!! Wish me luck!

P.S. I will be reveling my Ebay store on Friday April 9th!!!!! So excited... Also, check out my outfit post on Liv's blog, HERE!

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!!! AND Happy Sunday!!!!

With Love...


With Henry Duarte...

Toronto Fashion Week...preview!