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Hello Darlings,

The weather is absolutely stunning in Toronto, so I am taking as much time as possible to be in the park with Johnny (my Cocker Spaniel) for couple of hours to read the latest book— Eat, Pray, Love.

For the past few weeks, I've been reading non-stop and am on my third book of the summer. I am an avid reader, so please do share suggestions as to what my next book should be!!! :) I just finished reading Karen Essex's Stealing Athena which is a must read if you're into art history or architecture. I will do a separate post on my latest reads as I have picked up some awesome fashion reads as well!

My favorite passage of the week is from Eat, Pray, Love: " To find balance you.... must keep your feet grounded so firmly on the earth that it's like you have four legs, instead of two. That way, you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart, instead."

I can't wait for the movie... check out the awesome trailer!

This book is exactly how I feel, except for the divorce (for me... it's a loss, car accident and a break-up) and I can't afford to drop everything and just travel! But I am on a mission to be a stronger and a more independent person. Saying this has not been my year is an understatement. However I am positive, optimistic, nervous, excited and most importantly open to just about any experience. This weekend I spent alone with my dog as my parents were  away in New York.

And I must admit, I really did enjoy just being by myself. There are times when being alone is all you need. Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on a great movie or read a fantastic book and just enjoy the moments! Allow yourself to enjoy the time, slow down, make mistakes and most importantly do not regret! On another hand, I've also had the the time to for cocktails, dinners, fabulous lunches,shopping, watching games, getting drenched while eating risotto on the patio, and catching Legally Blonde the musical  a must-see). It was a weekend that was exactly what I need to bounce back to my own cheery and happy self :)

On not so bright of a note, I received a phone call this morning from Michael Kors telling me that the ruined shoes are my fault! Apparently some chemicals ruined them. The bizarre part it that the grass was organic :S Go figure, it is my fault when it is not! I never expected this but lesson of this week: don't shop at Michael Kors as they don't stand by the quality of their product. After 14 pairs of his shoes, this is the treatment a loyal customer receives! It is not about the money lost, but the way the situation was handled. I am upset considering they were my favorite nude heels. But ohh well, the new pair that just arrived is just as cute :) That's right, I've received my Charlotte Ronson sandals and loving them.

I am wearing:
Wilfred Semi-Cheer Tee—from Aritzia
Blush Brallet—from Winners
See by Chloe Bow Bloomer Shorts—from Aritzia
Charlotte Ronson Dietrich Sandals—from shopbop.com
Marc by Marc Jacobs " House of Cards Court Harem" ring set— from shopbop.com
Michael Kors—a gift
Ray Ban Wayfarer II—from smartbuyglasses.ca

Surprising enough, they are very comfortable! For some reason, I did not have high hopes but she proved me wrong. The shoes are cute and comfortable. Well, as for the rest of  today's outfit... it was all about my new See by Chloé shorts. I am obsessed with them! And to add a cherry on top of a perfect cake, they have bow print! Bow=heaven! Definitely a great piece and exactly what my wardrobe was lacking. Also, I am super excited to show of my new Ray Ban wayfarers! They are stunning...love love love them. Despite the crazy long wait and some confusion with the store ( side note:I would not recommended shopping at smartbuyglasses.ca) , I am loving them. I do, however, miss my old pair...I am still hoping that they will magically turn up.

P.S. Thank you so much for the beautiful e-mails and comments, they have truly touched me. Thank you for all of the support :) My sincere apologizes for being away, however I had to take the time off.

Well, I am off to catch True Blood...

Wishing Everyone a Lovely Day!!!

With Love...


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