Whirlpool of Unexpected...

Hello Darlings,

The past month has been a whirlpool of unexpected life changing events. Although I was really hoping to avoid the topic, I realize that it is best to just mention it and leave it at that. I know that some of you have figured it out...

... Andrew and I did break up some time ago. People change and grow apart, but Andrew and I will continue to stay friends. With respect to Andrew, I will not be answering questions in regards to this, but thanks everyone for all of the support during this difficult time. However, I must add that I am content and happy in my current position :)

Everything happens for a reason and a person must continue to enjoy beauty of life even in difficult times. This also explains the lack of posts recently, but I am back and excited to continue sharing my love for all that is cute and pretty :) Since the elephant is out of the bag...  I would like to share  today's outfit :)

I am wearing:
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Bleecker Street" Tee—from Marc  by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker Street, NYC
Rich & Skinny Cardo Pants in Putty—from revolveclothing.com
♥ Talula Army Jacket— from Aritzia
Candace Ang Large Bow Zipper Headband — from Holt Renfrew Last Call
Barba Rihl Purse—from Holt Renfrew Last Call
Juicy Couture "Rose"  in natural snake—from Neiman Marcus
Michael Kors Watch—a gift

Today was filled with bunch of errands from taking Johnny (my Cocker Spaniel) to the veterinarian, a million of doctor appointments and a quick stop at the mall. I wish I could say that my shopping trip was all enjoyable, but at one point it was quite opposite! I don't think that I've ever exited Michael Kors store feel sooo angry and frustrates in my entire life.

In all honesty, I've been facing some serious bad luck in the  Michael Kors shoe department! First it was my painful disaster with  "Jennings" and now my favorite pair of  nude "Violet" is ruined due to poor craftsmanship.  I love the shoes but after attending friends backyard birthday bash... my entire gold finishing on the heels came off! I am not sure how it is possible that the varnish came off the shoe :S But basically, I walked away with plastic exposed heels! Yikes! I tried to get them fixed but no one is willing to touch them, claiming that the shoes must have a defect :S And Michael Kors store is "investigating". Not only did I lose my favorite summer shoe but also my favorite shoe designer. I am not sure what it is but lately I've been incredibly disappointed with the quality of Kors shoes!!!! Can I say heartbreaking! I am really hoping that Michael Kors can resolve the problem, because in all honesty...I walked out of the store feeling blamed for wear and tear of shoes! Despite a fact that I have worn them only twice! Advice: if you own Violet shoes stay away from grass...you might end up with plastic-exposed-heels!!!

On a more positive note, I have added a few cuties to my wardrobe and purse!!!! Couldn't wait to share with you!!!  Let's just say that I've been going a bit too much of retail therapy :)

Coach "new Julia" medium Wallet—from Coach

- I've finally decided to splurge on a wallet and pick up one at Coach in a very bold red color. I love the pink interior :)

See by Chloe Bow Bloomer Shorts—from Aritzia

- I've wanted these babies for a while but the  hefty price tag always turned me away, well that is until I found them on sale for $110 at Aritzia. Can't wait to wear them out!

Charlotte Ronson Dietrich Sandals—from shopbop.com

- I love them, so casual and cute. Can't wait for them to arrive!

P.S. I will be getting back to the e-mail and comment throughout these days! Once again, thank you for the support!!!!

Wishing Everyone a Lovely Day!!!

With Love...


 Source: shopbop.com; chloe.com; coach.com; google images 

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