Why Do I Bother Blogging?

Hello Darlings,

Three years later, I am still often asked "Why do I bother blogging"? Those unfamiliar with social media often say it’s a joke. While others who LOVE it say they enjoy reading a personal opinion and interacting with those with similar interests.

In my opinion, blogging is rewarding and intellectually stimulating. If you don't agree, hopefully this post will change your mind. If not, then maybe it will give you an idea as to why bloggers bother blogging :)

While attending university in winter 2008, I choose to start this blog. I was studying for my medieval art history exam and wanted a creative outlet that very night. Pursuing a Specialist in Art History & Architecture requires a lot of studying. I also worked as a research assistant for three years, so there wasn't much time for myself. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and for the first time began to lose track of myself. That is when that night, I wrote my first post.

I wanted a place where I could talk about all the small and silly things that sparked my fancy. I know that exposing oneself to the world may not be the wisest idea, but I will be honest and say that this experience has been positive.

I do not regret this blog, which has become my baby. Although putting yourself out there for everyone to judge is not easy. I know that those who despise me come back in order to further feed their negativity, but there have also been thousands of others who have provided positive feedback, support and friendship - for that, I must thank you!

I write this blog because I love fashion and taking about these things and sharing them. I also love  being a part of a community. Social media is now recognized and respected by many for its voice. Because of this blog, I have had the opportunity to meet people and go to places that I otherwise never would have. Despite the ups and downs, and sacrificing sleep to blog because I can’t wait to tackle a next project, every post is a creative journey that inspires me. A journey that requires a lot of thought and that is a true reflection of who I am and what I love.

To those that don’t respect or understand the time and creativity that goes into creating, maintaining and constantly publishing, all that I can suggest is that you open your mind to a new generation of input and community. Because I am a blogger and dedicate about 15 hours of my time each week to this blog, I can say that I very much respect every blogger that is committed to expressing his or her voice. A voice is better than a silence and for all I know, we are changing the fashion industry and filling it with what we want. Bloggers are the voice of everyday people and they would not be so without the courage to publish.

To me the beauty of being a blogger is about having a voice, one that engages others and builds trust and friendships.

With this post, I would like to thank all of my followers for their support and feedback. I am very honored to be able to connect with so many women J I hope that this in some way answered an ever evolving question as to why people have lifestyle/style blogs. I do not blog because I am self-absorbed, narcissistic, vain, superficial…but because I want to connect and share my voice, even if it is only to debate and discuss shoes and purses!!! I have the courage to share my passion with others. I can say this for other bloggers: It takes courage to expose yourself to others.

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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