When in doubt and feeling down...

Hello Darlings,

When in doubt and feeling down.... just go shopping! This has been my motto for the past couple of days. During the time when I am feeling down, I always find joy in a shopping mall. Retail Therapy WORKS!

I don't care what people say, but the best way to get away from things is by either literary getting away (travel) or by escaping to the mall. There are times when a girl just needs to indulge and treat herself to a new purchase. But since,I've been stressing like crazy... I ended up with a hefty bag of goodies from Aritzia and a new pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer's.

Speaking of shopping, last night I was just flipping through one of Garcia's books and came across a section about making the investment. It talks about the difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive" and what makes a bargain. I though that it was very interesting..... especially since I am all about the idea of quality over quantity and having clothing that will withstand the test of time.

So here we go!

Making Investments according to Nina Garcia.

Cheap: Even expensive clothing can look cheap. It's the characteristics of the garment rather than the cost that defines the quality of clothing. Ask yourself:

  • Is it poorly made?
  • Could this be a little too risqué? Hooker chic is never a good thing.
  • Does this material look too synthetic?

Inexpensive: This means well-made but low-cost clothing in wearable fabrics. Inexpensive garments don't make people think about how much  spend on them, they just wonder where they can get one, too. Inexpensive is a good thing.

Bargain: Well-made, expensive clothing that you find at a fantastic discount. A bargain make you want to announce the price every time someone asks you where you got it. Don't. But you'll want to! A great bargain is the smart-shopping nirvana.

I am all about bargains and inexpensive garment, I think that spending too much on clothing is quite a bit unreasonable. After all, clothing is not necessarily an actual investment, it is a luxury. I always keep that in mind when I am shopping. Now on to the outfit and the purchases...

Although I am crazy busy studying, I did spare  a free minute to check out Aritzia's Private Pre-Sale Event.How could I not? When I am stressing, all  I can think about is shopping! Plus, I ended up getting a stunning linen blazer, a pair of cute nautical shorts, and the prettiest striped top.  They were also giving the cutest beach towels as a gift :) I also picked up a new pair of wayfarer, since I lost the pair that Andrew got me....boo, I am still upset about them *tear tear* I decided on a pair that is a bit more wacky, with hopes that my other one still magically turns up.

I am wearing:

H&M cotton dress—from H&M, Square One
Talula Cotton Surplus—from Aritzia, Sherway
Luc Kiefer Ring—from revolveclothing.com
Chanel Sunglasses—gift from parents
Juicy Couture "Rose"  in natural snake—from Neiman Marcus

As for the outfit of the day, it was all about comfort! A simple dress with my favorite jacket :) It was easy and breezy, I would say quite ideal for a hot summer day. The jacket was light enough to be worn inside as I do hate shopping mall air conditioners.

Well, I am off to study....I have a final exam on Monday!!!

Do you think that clothing is an investment?

What is you shopping  theory?

What is you take on shopping therapy?

Do you shop more then you're stressed?

Wishing Everyone a Lovely Day!!!

With Love...


Source: "The Style Strategy" by Nina Garcia

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