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Hello Darlings,

Just wanted to make a quick Sunday morning post and share with you my new linen blazer. I was just grabbing a quick coffee before a walk in the park, so I settled for a comfortable look but with a touch of polish. Sundays are pretty relaxing and I enjoy dressing the part :)

On relaxing Sundays, I usually stay away from make-up and go for a messy bun or a ponytail. No fuss!I've been studying non-stop this entire weekend which doesn't leave me that much time for priming.It was nice to just unwind with my mom :)

I was never the one to consider buying a white boyfriend blazer, until I came across this one. There was something so intriguing about it. Maybe because I've never considered purchasing one.Maybe because linen gives  everything a very casual feel.  I am not sure why.  But the moral of the story is do not be afraid to try new things. Although I was not planning on making this purchase, I could not denie a fact that it would be a great addition to my current wardrobe as well as a great way to make some of my favorites feel fresh again!I love how it works with everything and how summer perfect it is.I would have to say that it is a fantastic warm weather staple.

The downside to this beauty is the wrinkling! Linen wrinkles quite a bit :S Ironing is pretty much a necessity every time you want to wear the jacket. I am looking into picking up a steamer, any suggestions???? Luckily, this blazer does not require dry cleaning as I tend to stay away from them— too many horror stories.

In the meantime, here are some care rules for linen that I found while doing my research :P

Linen Care

Linen is comprised of long fibers found in the stalk of the flax plant. These natural "yarns" wick moisture away from the skin to help create the fabric's light, airy feeling. The drawback, however, is that the "breathing" fibers are quite stiff. Once they bend, they stay bent, and the result is linen's trademark wrinkles. Even more frustrating is that the more you sweat, the more the fabric wrinkles.

Linen shirts and pants can be machine-washed in a gentle cycle in warm water, or preferably, hand-washed or dry-cleaned. Repeated hand or machine washings make linen soft, thereby eventually reducing wrinkling, while dry cleaning keeps it crisp and new-looking. And like with most garments, it's a good idea to read the care labels before washing.

It's in linen's best interest to never see the inside of a dryer. Ideally, you should let a freshly-washed linen garment air-dry, whether by laying it flat on a towel or hanging it from a padded wooden hanger.

  • If you're ironing linen, do so on a high setting, while the garment is still damp. The dampness guards against burning the linen; the fabric dries quite fast. Iron first on the inside of the garment to remove wrinkles, and then on the outside to create a nice sheen. Also, be sure to iron until the linen is smooth , not dry. When it's to your liking, begin air-drying. As well, avoid folding your linen items; hanging is preferable.

Linen is definitely a summer perfect material, however the time and care that is requires is not every one's favorite. So, I am sending out a warning. Anything linen means high-maintenance. Be Aware :P

I am wearing:
Wilfred Boyfriend Linen Blazer— from Aritzia, Sherway
Wilfred Bustier— from Aritzia, Sherway
T by Alexander Wang Sweats—from
A.V. Max Studded Cuff—from
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc" Earrings—from Bloomingdales Soho, NY
Candela "Tokyo" Brogues in Silver—from
Chanel Sunglasses—a gift from parents

On a completely different side of a spectrum I found this very interesting article about Sex and the City and its influence on female shopping!!! Basically, it is saying that the sitcom and the movie have women convinced that self-indulgence and designer clothes were every woman's right. Although I must admit that I drool over the girls wardrobe and their lifestyle, I never actually take the series/movies seriously. Although they do leave me craving for all of the beautiful luxuries, I do not try to apply such ideals to my lifestyle. What do you think... does Sex and the City leaving you craving for designer goodies??  Do the movies/sitcom have any type of influence over you??? Do you think that the storyline sets a wrong example for women?

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Well, I am off to study for tomorrow final! I am almost done, tomorrow is the last day and I cannot wait.... Thank you to everyone for the support. I promise to catch up on e-mails, comments and requests :) Once again, you are the greatest!!!

Wishing Everyone a Lovely Sunday and Happy Father's Day!!!

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