VISAGE Medical Spa​

VISAGE Medical Spa​


I was first introduced to Dr. Marc, formally known as Dr. Marc DuPéré, by my coloristof 10+ years, Rob Pizzuti. Four or so years ago, I was in Rob’s chair complaining about my painful breakouts. Having made it through my teens and early twenties with great skin, at 26 I found myself dealing with acne for the first time. I was filming episodes of Celebrity Style Story at this point in my life, and being on screen with my acne captured through close ups was mortifying.  

Dr. Marc has trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe and the Americas, and is regarded as one of Canada’s best plastic surgeons. Upon doing my research, I made an appointment. That year, I began my strict regimen, along with my monthly facial treatments. Since that first appointment, I have been religiously seeing Dr. Marc for my skincare needs, as well as his esthetician, Gabriela Madrid, who assists him.  


This summer, Dr. Marc unveiled an expansion to his Yorkville clinic with a state-of-the-art VISAGE Medical Spa. Having known Dr. Marc for all these years, I can tell you his keen eye for detail is translated through every aspect of the décor and experience. From the moment you step in, to the moment you retrieve your car from the valet, you experience the best in luxury service. Walking through the doors of Visage Clinic is serene. The living plant wall guides you into the spa where each room is impeccably furnished. While you check in, the beautiful Italian marble and onyx lobby even welcomes you with a detoxing elixir! I love the extensive variety of wallpapers sourced from various design houses. My personal favorite is the one by Christian Lacroix, which is inspired by gypsy and Provençal traditions. The art is always in the details when it comes to both the meticulous surgical work done by Dr. Marc and the design of his clinic. He always says: “the human body is a canvas, a piece of art”.

I’ve been raving about VISAGE for years now. Upon the opening of his new space, I was graciously invited for a complementary treatment and I had the pleasure of capturing some of the moments.


 As I’ve written many times, I am a die-hard Biologique Recherche fan—all because of Gabriela, who introduced me to the line. VISAGE is one of the few and one of the first to carry the entire line in Canada – visage et corps– french for face and body. In fact, the new spa is equipped with a Biologique Recherche Skin Analysis Lab, which provides an in-depth look at your skin. I had the pleasure of having mine done and learned a thing or two. Most importantly, the fact that my skin was severely dehydrated.  

While I’ve walked through my routine in my Skin Care for 30s article, I have never covered my esthetician visits. When I initially began my treatments, I had a peel done every month or two for the first year. From there, I’ve been having facials done every 2-3 months, or seasonally. Since turning 30, my facials are also done with anti-aging needs in mind. I rarely know which facial I’m having as I allow Gabriela to decide what is best for my skin at that given time. VISAGE has an impressive selection of over 20 facials, many incorporating Biologique Recherche creams, lotions and serums, but also some with the pearl protein, hyaluroniuc acid and ionzed platinum-infused Japanese line Forlle’d.


Naturally, I understand the costs associated with quality skin care products and treatments; however, it is an investment that feels worth it for me. I have suffered with acne for years and am now battling the early signs of aging. Yet, thanks to the guidance of Dr. Marc and his team, as well as the religious approach I take to my daily skin care regimen, I’ve also never felt more comfortable in my own skin, or at ease being without makeup.

Beautiful skin does not come easily to me, but it is manageable. If given the choice between a new pair of shoes, or skincare treatment, skin will always win for me!  

I look forward to being back in a few weeks for my routine facial prior to leaving for my vacation to Florida with my family. Afterwards, I will be trying a more “serious” procedure to improve my skin texture—more details on that to come. To say the least, I am nervous and excited! 

With Love…


Disclosure : The wonderful facial was courtesy of Visage Medical Spa. All of the views in this article are my own and were not mandated by the brand. This is not a sponsored article. To learn more about how we partner with brands please see our Disclosure & Transparency Guidelines.

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