Valentine's Day According to Wilder Weir

Hello Darlings, According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and sending valentines. While of course most women do enjoy the celebration, but what do men really think of this love holiday?

So I asked my friend Wilder Weir for his perspective on this delicate issue. As the ever-charming host of Oh So Cosmo and a creator of Paddling Bryans – Wilder Weir can talk “guy stuff” with men while still relating to women.  I interviewed Wilder Weir while shooting an Oh So Cosmo segment, and here is what he said:

Marta: What do single men do on Valentine’s Day?

Wilder: They go out to the bar and have the worst night of their lives.

Marta: Why the worst night?

Wilder: Every guy who is single ends up going out expecting to find the love of their life. What ends up happening is you show up and it’s all dudes getting drunk and you end up hating your single life more than you already do.

Marta: So single men dislike Valentine's day in a similar way that some single girls do?

Wilder: Absolutely. Guys hate Valentine’s day single or in relationship. If you’re in a relationship, you have to buy presents for a day that is totally constructed by Hallmark.

Marta: So, you’re anti-Valentine’s Day?

Wilder: Totally anti-Valentine’s Day. If you want to show that you love somebody, you don’t have to wait for that specific date. I think that it is completely fabricated.

Marta: Fair enough. But as a guy you have to celebrate it and I am sure that you do?

Wilder: You have to do it, don’t get me wrong. On Valentine’s Day as a guy you need to step up the play  or you’re screwed.

Marta: What would you plan?

Wilder: It would probably be something low-key at my place. Dinner and a movie....

Marta: Would you cook or take-out?

Wilder: I don’t know how to cook. So it would be the thought that counts. The thought would have to outweigh the terrible meal. Probably, I would just order in.

Marta: Gifts or no gifts?

Wilder: Gifts are pushing it a little bit. If we have met on Valentine’s Day or it had some sort of significance to it other than just another day of the year, then yes. I think that people these days are kind of over it but that’s just me.

Marta: What to avoid during Valentine’s Day?

Wilder: Avoid going to the bar but also avoid being alone. You don’t want to be home alone, watching movies and crying. Have a good time with friends but don’t go looking for love that night.

Marta: Proposing on Valentine’s Day?

Wilder: I would say do not propose on Valentine’s Day, it is very cliché. But it could be a good way to remember your anniversary. You kill two birds with one stone.

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