Valentine’s Day According to Josie Dye

Hello Darlings, With Valentine’s Day just days away, who better to ask about the love holiday than the dynamic duo— Josie Dye and Wilder Weir— who star in Cosmo TV’s popular show Oh So Cosmo that explores everything to do with men, sex, relationships and fashion. And indeed, Wikipedia does define Valentine’s Day as a holiday with its origin dating back 1,500 years! The holiday became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Beginning with a woman’s perspective on Valentine’s Day, Josie Dye is a well known television and radio personality. Josie stars in the television show Oh So Cosmo and also has her own radio show, on 102.1 The Edge. I interviewed Josie while shooting an Oh So Cosmo segment, and here is what she said:

Marta: How would you like to spend your Valentine’s Day?

Josie:With my husband, I haven’t seen him in about 5 months. But I am actually going to visit him in Los Angeles where are going to go to the Grammy’s on Sunday night. As for how I would like to spend Valentine’s Day, I would like to eat whatever it is that I want to eat on that day. Since I typically eat healthy and organic, I would like him to take me out for quarter pounder.”

Marta: So does he have to plan Valentine’s Day, or do you?

Josie: He definitely has to plan it.

Marta: Gifts or no gifts?

Josie: I am all about the gifts. Although everyday should be like Valentine’s Day, it is not. So men should go all out for Valentine’s Day.

Marta: What would you like for Valentine’s Day?

Josie: I would be happy with red roses, a cheeseburger and maybe a little bracelet from Tiffany’s.

Marta: What would you wear?

Josie: You have to wear red. How many days in a year can you actually wear red? Like three: Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  You need to wear red and you need to wear a lot of red.

Marta: What to avoid on Valentine’s Day?

Josie: Avoid sappy movies and going out if you’re single. If you’re with someone, then avoid talking to your single friends. You don’t need to bring anyone down on that day.

Marta: So what should a single girl do on Valentine’s Day?

Josie: She should stay at home and watch DVDs. Don’t watch the television because it is all lovey and sappy stuff. Invite over a single friend and drink a lot of wine. It does not have to be depressing like everyone makes it out to be.

Marta: Proposing on Valentine’s Day? Cliché or sweet?

Josiew: Totally cliché. Don’t do it on Valentine’s Day, her birthday or Christmas. Just make it spontaneous and romantic.

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