Twilight New Moon... and Snow Day

Hello Darlings,

I am almost finished reading New Moon (2nd Twilight book). I am in LOVE with the books, and thank everyone for encouraging me to read them. and here are my thoughts:



The movie did not do justice to the book, the characters are amazing and when they say that the authors bring them to life in their novels,this novel goes beyond that. I am on the part where Bella just jumped off the clif and Jacob found her, so I am eager to get back to reading to find out how this book will end. Seriously, THESE BOOKS ARE INCREDIBLE and I definitely recommended reading them.


On to my outfit... It's snowing non stop and - 20 degrees, so for the extreme cold weather I wore a thick knit sweater with a warm jacket. And for my big secret, I wear ski socks under my boots to stay warm. My feet stay toasty warm and I can wear any kind of boots... 

Photobucket I am wearing: Talula Wool Dress Soia & Kyo Wool Coat Calvin Klein Opaque Tights Gap Leather Purse Juicy Couture Boots
Well I'm off to bed and to finish reading New Moon ...

I wish you all a Wonderful Day !!!

With Love... Marta

Sources: Twilight Movie.

Merry X-mas...

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