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Hello Darlings, I apologize for such a delay with posts... I am once again bombarded with school work, since the first semester is done in three weeks.Anyways, lol....


This weekend I had a chance to see Twilight...and although I have never read the book, I LOVED IT... maybe because I developed a bit of a crush on the main actor, Robert Pattinson... hehe. I am now looking into reading all of the books... but since I usually read only classics, I am a bit hesitant.... WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT OR NOT?

Movie Run

Good thing that the run from the movie theater was short since I decided to wear my new fuzzy Juicy flats.
Photobucket Photobucket I am wearing: M. Rena Wool Sweater from Mendocino Abercrombie&Fitch Grey Skinnies Gap organic cotton tee Royal Rossi Pink Cashmere Scarf - a gift from mommy Swarovski Love Charm - a gift from Andrew Juicy Couture Flats with pom poms Photobucket Photobucket


I am currently writting an essay on Andy Warhol ... and totally loved the covers on the books.

I wish you all a lovely day :)

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