20s Are For Mistakes and 30s Are To Pay For Them

Hello Darlings, In less than a month it's my birthday, and with every passing day my anxiety increases wondering if I am making wise decisions with my life: Am I happy with my career direction? Should I continue to improve on my education? Should I rent or buy? Should I be starting to invest in a retirement fund? Do I need life insurance? When is the right time for marriage? Will I ever have the time for kids?

If only there was a check list of things one must figure out before turning the “serious” and “I have my stuff together” age of thirty. As Carrie Bradshaw said, “twenties are for mistakes and thirties are to pay for them.”

High schools, colleges and universities are supposed to prepare us for the “real world”, but really what do they teach us? Yes, it is great that I know calculus and trigonometry, but what if I have no idea how to invest or for that matter what to do with my savings? In school, they don’t teach you how to buy a house or how to find the best mortgage - but shouldn't they given that buying a house is probably one of the most important things everyone does in their life?

To be frank, I am disappointed in our school system that I am now Google-ing and buying Dummies guides on mortgages and how to invest, and reading “He’s Just Not That Into You” for dating advice. How come they don’t teach us the most important stuff in school! But I sure am glad that I know Gaudi’s work like the alphabet.

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In reality, my school turned out to be just a "checked a box" milestone that taught me little for the so-called real world. School was a safe haven for a few years, and while occasionally thinking of doing a Masters, I realize for long-term success it's just not the right path for me now.

As I sit behind my desk, I wonder if Carrie's wisdom really holds true "are twenties really for mistakes?" From what I can tell, there is lots of pressure and very little room for any mistakes. And the uneasy feeling of not having my life all "figured out" gets stronger with every passing day...

 Do you (or did you) feel the same pressure to have it all figured out before thirty?I would love your input for my next post... the top 20 things that a girl should learn in her 20's.

 With Love...


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