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Hello Darlings,

I am so sorry for not updating as often as I always do.  I am bombarded with school work... and have  6 exams and 3 assignments in the next two weeks, so wish me luck :) But on a brighter side, I just picked up this darling little leather mom insisted that I get it! Honestly, she would not back down  and I am glad she didn't.

It is perfection....and on sale from $ 1,300 for $350. I've wanted this Mike & Chris "Paul"  jacket for the longest time (it's the hood that made me fall in love) but could not afford it, that is until yesterday :) It is a very casual substitute for my beloved Mackage. I am proud of myself for resisting the urge to get another leather jacket ( as I already do have one) but I think that this was a very reasonable purchase with no regrets.

Tip: If you live in Toronto and looking for a leather jacket, check out Holts Last Call. This weekend they had a massive selection and the prices were very reasonable, including an additional 30% off.

Stay tuned, I have another post coming up in the next few hours... in the meantime, I am having a ton of fun answering your anonymous questions on formspring. So if you have one, do not hesitate to share...after all, it is anonymous :P

Be back in a tiny bit!

Wishing Everyone a Relaxing Sunday!!!

With Love...


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