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Hello Darlings,

So here’s the thing: many people have asked how to afford luxury items on a budget. The answer: never pay full price on any “expensive” item. Part of the fun is scoring awesome deals on really expensive items. It’s more like a shopping hunt.

However, this strategy works well only when buying classic pieces, otherwise you can look “so last season” (*eye roll*) if you believe in the concept.  So if it helps with your hunt, here are some my top tricks when “hunting”:


1.  Buy quality over quantity, always!

2.  Do not fall for the sale! Only buy pieces you need and that will enhance your wardrobe.

3.   Buy pieces that you don't already have, and that work with the rest of your stuff.

4.  If the price seems too high, check online. If you can wait, see if it goes on sale.

5.  Be sure the fit and size are right, it is not deal unless it does your body justice.

6.  Be sure there are no defects (here’s a link to detect them), it is not a deal if it is not perfect.

7.  Classics are worth spending more on; trendy items will go out of style.

8. Know the difference between cheap and inexpensive, and avoid cheap!

8. Check out higher end outlet malls: oftentimes, they offer amazing choices.

9. Go often, purchase only periodically. You don't need to buy something every time you shop.

10. Do not expect to find amazing deals on one trip. It takes time to build a strong wardrobe!

I am wearing:

Junk Food Official  Mickey Mouse Club Raglan 

Free People Skirt 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf

Michael Kors Watch 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Studs 

Stella McCartney Sock Booties

Shopping takes patience, practice and passion. Do not fall into trends, unless you really love them. Do not feel pressured to wear certain items if everyone around you is wearing them. Fashion offers the ability explore and discover who you are, so it should not be intimidating. Remember, you’re fabulous! If you do not believe it, take a look in the mirror and you will see it!

Do you have any secrets or tips? If so, please do share.


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